The Story of an Everyday Healer

Ritika Bajaj
Mar 15, 2019 · 4 min read
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When I first shook hands with him, little did I realise that these were the same hands that had healed hundreds of thousands of people across India and abroad…

Recently, I had the privilege of meeting Mohan Joshi, one of the most gifted and grounded yogis of our times. I call him a yogi, because not only is he an ardent follower of the great sage Patanjali, but his healing powers also originate from his ability to completely still the mind, and free it of all thought…what Patanjali defines as— ‘yoga chitta vritti nirodah’ — the ultimate goal of yoga.

Mohan’s spiritual healing or ‘yogic healing’, emerges when he enters a zero state of mind…where all thoughts are seized, and a Divine force takes over. He truly believes that it is not him conducting the healing…he is merely a medium.

Moreover, he does not take any time to enter this state, and neither does he have to go into a trance, it happens in an instant, without any effort.

When I asked him how it worked, he simply raised his hands, and placed them at a little distance from my face… The heat that I felt was unreal; but it wasn’t a heat that burned, it was a heat that soothed and healed.

Mohan started his journey as a spiritual healer at the young age of 32, after an astrologer predicted he was going to be a healer. Before that he had a bank job, and was unaware of his healing powers.

Most of us take time to answer our calling, and that’s what happened with Mohan too… It was only after he cured his friend of Ganglion, did he realise the astrologer was true.

At a camp in Delhi in 2014, where he healed 125 people in a single day!

Today at 68 years, his passion continues, as he sees almost 50–70 people per day, and heals them of their various pains and illnesses. What’s more, he does not put a price on his services, as he believes healing cannot be a commercial activity. He graciously accepts ‘whatever people leave out of their free will.’

He clarified that yogic healing is not Reiki, and is differentiated by the fact that there is absolutely no use of the mind…in fact, if the mind interferes, the healing will not take place.

His dream is to train many more, who can continue the practice of healing after him. Mohan believes women are natural healers, ‘They have unconditional love and compassion… But the problem for them is that, very often, their love and compassion stops at their children. Here’s an opportunity for them to go beyond their families, and touch many more lives.’

Mohan’s vision is to conduct mass healing sessions in the country, as he now feels the need to impact more people in a short span of time. What’s stopping him, you ask? He does not want to be mistaken as a ‘baba’ or god man!

Training more healers in Sacramento, California, 2018

But more than his act of healing, what strikes you about Mohan is his positive approach to life. He said, ‘Does anyone know if they will get up tomorrow morning… No, right? Then why worry so much about the future?’

He takes pride in the fact that his work gives him ‘100 percent satisfaction’. And thanks to him being a medium, he will always be in the pink of health. ‘The Gods will keep me healthy for as long as the work has to be done through me… Because I do nothing, I’m just the body.’

Mohan Joshi and I chatted for an hour… He had plenty of stories of people he had healed from across the world. He also had his own take on allopathy, and the medicine industry, but that’s another story altogether!

As he sat there, completely relaxed, in no rush to end the conversation, I realised how a single ordinary man can make such a big impact, without any fuss or fanfare… All he wanted was to be able to reach out to more people, and help alleviate their pain.

Pink Pinjra has always written about stories of transformation... Of people who have successfully overcome their pain, or the pain of others, through their special gifts, or mediums of expression.

Mohan Joshi has put his special energies to good use… Here’s wishing him all the success in his future plans. May he continue to ‘heal the world’!

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*Pictures of Mohan Joshi belong to him, and cannot be reproduced without prior permission.

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