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i’m tired of paying to exist

paying for community, for healing, for ancient wisdom
for chances at love, to see content, to not see ads
paying to have no money, for fees, to apply to college, to return a book
paying for transcripts for degrees I've earned, paying to use the bathroom
paying to read the op eds of the rich
to access new reports, new news, life-saving information
i’m tired of paying
for an army of unimaginable destruction
for broken streets
fees to access my own money
i’m tired of uploading
proof of income, of employment, of hireability.
i’m tired of being afraid of credit scores
i’m tired of paying to exist, of using…



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Lisa Martens

Lisa Martens

👽🛸🪐I come in peace to disfilter your internet. 👽 🛸🪐 How sexy surfers in Costa Rica live✨🇨🇷