17 February 2015

Today’s my birthday but it doesn’t really feel like it. I’m crying right now it’s so stupid. So I was watching something on my computer and my mom was asking me how many people are coming tomorrow. And I replied around 10. She started talking about the egg rolls and was kinda talking about it but it sounded like she was thinking about it to herself. I didn’t know she was asking me. And my dad started yelling at me like omg why don’t you answer your mom what’s wrong with you it’s so annoying when she keeps saying huh. And I was just so sad and angry. I didn’t even know. It’s like if I were to pace around and say hmmm I wonder if I should bring 10 bags or 5 bags. I’m not expecting someone to answer me I’m just thinking aloud. And then my mom started going like why are you crying it’s your birthday. And she said that my dad only said a few words he wasn’t yelling at me. Clearly someone is deaf because that is 0% what happened. I wonder if I did something wrong because lately I’ve been having hella unlucky stuff happening to me. I need some good karma please.

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