Teachers already think I’m a dumbass

23 August 2015

My American Lit. teacher definitely thinks I’m a dumbass now. Which is unfortunate because I was really good in Lit. last year, and I’m pretty sure the teacher I had liked me (I TA for him now), and even more unfortunate, the teacher I have now is good friends with my last year teacher. Literally in the first week of school, I already forgot to do some random Benjamin Franklin reading, and the next day there was a reading quiz. I just laughed. That moment when you finish the quiz first, not because you knew your shit real well, but because you wrote bullshit. AND THEN, he does the cold call note-card-with-names thing and asks me a question about our discussion. I was honestly only half listening and trying to get the offline dinosaur game to work on our school Chromebooks (the owner disabled it, probably to stop people like me), so I just took a random stab at the answer; obviously I got it wrong, and it was just awkward because that was about the 5th time I answered his question wrong/made it clear I wasn’t paying attention. Seriously not on the ball at all.

My AP Comp Sci teacher probably thinks I don’t know shit. During class the other day I had my phone in my pocket, but when I sit, the power button and volume buttons get hit randomly, so I accidentally booted the phone into safe mode. In order to avoid that, I just took it out of my pocket and put it on the table face down. In the middle of class, he walks over and he’s like I don’t want to see this out during class (not in a mean way). I just said sorry and dropped it in my backpack. After class, I’m always the slowest person to leave the room because I am really slow at packing up. As I’m packing up and everyone is gone, he asks me how I’m doing. I say I’m fine. He then asks me if I’m having any trouble. I say no. He looks at me with this unconvinced face and’s all like, “are you sure?” I say yes. He says okay in, again, an unconvinced voice. We exchange the usual words of goodbye, and I leave. I guess it could just be regular teacher-making-sure-you-aren’t-failing. On the other hand, he could think I’m a delinquent.

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