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Astar+Shiden is onboarding Pinknode as a key infrastructure provider

Pinknode is announcing its latest partnership with one of Polkadot’s brightest platforms; Astar. Astar is a Polkadot-native hub for decentralised applications (dApps) which supports both the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and WebAssembly (Wasm). Known previously as “Plasm”, Astar aims to become Polkadot’s multichain ecosystem for smart contracts that supports Layer 2 solutions.

Astar’s canary network, Shiden, just won the third parachain slot on Kusama.

Astar’s Use Cases

While Astar is native to Polkadot, it still acknowledges that most of the smart contracts in existence are on Ethereum, written in Solidity, therefore Astar’s Cross Virtual Machine aims to not only make them compatible with Wasm-based contracts but also facilitate interactivity between them.

Astar will support developers through dApp staking, which allows users to stake their native Astar and SDN tokens to a smart contract and earn block rewards.

Helping Astar Scale

In light of its need for scalable and robust infrastructure, Astar has chosen Pinknode as one of its main infrastructure providers. This partnership entails Pinknode's participation as a collator node in its dApp staking system, allowing dApp users to effortlessly connect to Polkadot, Kusama, Astar, and Shiden’s protocols. Pinknode will also provide single-click API endpoints for Astar’s test network, Dusty.

“Winning the parachain slot was a great deal for the Astar team and we’re extremely excited to move on to the next phase of growth. With Pinknode providing infrastructure support with their reliable and scalable endpoints, we’re confident that this partnership will take us to the next level.”

-Sota Watanabe, Co-founder of Astar Network

Besides this, Pinknode will be participating on Astar’s network as a collator node and spin a node on Astar’s sister network, Shiden. Connecting every dApp interface built on Astar is an eventual milestone that Pinknode hopes to reach.

With cross-chain message passing (XCMP) becoming an integral part of Pinknode’s future, Astar and Pinknode are committed to exploring the possibility of jointly experimenting with XCMP. This will be a promising venture for Pinknode since Astar already holds the distinction of completing Polkadot’s first XCMP transaction with Acala.

The potential for Astar to host a great number of transactions means that Pinknode’s user base can soar on Astar’s platform. As part of Astar’s bold vision, it is preparing for the day when the usage of Polkadot becomes mainstream and they receive a huge quantity of daily transactions. Pinknode will also provide single-click API endpoints for Astar’s test network, Dusty. his vast user base would be indirectly exposed to Pinknode’s architecture.

“While Astar is focused on bringing smart contract functionality to Polkadot, Pinknode will be providing them with the scalable infrastructure needed to do the job. Pinknode strives towards the fruition of Web 3.0 on Polkadot, and we are elated that the pre-eminent dApp hub’s goals are aligned with ours.”

-Eric Poh, Co-Founder of Pinknode

About Pinknode

Pinknode is a Polkadot-specialised Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider with the goal of accelerating adoption and empowering innovators to build on the most promising Web 3.0 ecosystem. By providing API endpoints through a streamlined onboarding process and maintaining secure, reliable, and scalable node infrastructure, Pinknode helps innovators jumpstart development quickly and accelerates their product life cycles.

If you want to know more about Pinknode, check out our website, follow us on Twitter, and join our Telegram to get in on the conversation.

About Astar

Astar Network is a DApps hub on Polkadot that supports Ethereum and layer 2 solutions like ZK Rollups. Plasm aims to be a multi-chain smart contract platform that will support multiple blockchains and virtual machines like EVM and WASM.





Pinknode empowers developers by providing node-as-a-service solutions, removing an entire layer of inefficiencies and complexities, and accelerating your product life cycle.

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