Aug 5, 2021

5 min read

Introducing a community-led initiative — The Pinknode Ambassador Program

Community together invincible.

💎Perks of a Pinknodian

They are.
  • Rewards in $PNODE based on work performed, distributed monthly
  • Compensation will be determined by the quality and consistency of work delivered 👷
  • Exceptional contributions will receive bonus tokens 💰
  • Communicate directly with the team and get updates on our roadmap and plans before anyone else 🏞
  • Expand your personal network in the crypto space
  • Potentially work towards a more involved role with the core team

❗️❗️ We have allocated a pool of 1,000,000 $PNODE 💰 to the funding of initiatives spearheaded by our very own Pinknodians❗️❗️

Who are we looking for? 🤔

  • Are passionate & knowledgeable about blockchain space, Polkadot and Pinknode
  • Are proactive and enthusiastic about the cryptoverse 🌏
  • Have a strong conviction in the future of Pinknode 💯
  • Have the relevant skill sets to contribute 🔧

Roles of Official Pinknoders — How can you contribute with your talents? 😎

  • Identify, organize and manage ambassadors
  • Coordinate communications between ambassadors and team
  • Assist in community management and leading conversations about Pinknode
  • Propose new ideas and initiatives to the community
  • Long-form content about Pinknode, Polkadot, technical writeups, for Medium posts, partnerships, PR releases etc.
  • Short-form content for Twitter posts and threads, marketing copy etc.
  • Design works like website, banners, illustrations, memes etc.
  • Video content like vlogs, reviews, explainer series etc.
  • Increase our social media presence via broadcasting of our announcements and updates
  • Grow our community of ambassadors
  • Engage in Pinknode’s social media channels via conversations, retweets and sharing
  • Respond to conversations inside and outside of Pinknode’s channels, maintaining conversations about Pinknode’s value propositions
  • Refer customers to us
  • End to end onboarding; find, pitch and refer them to our platform
  • Improve the user experience of Pinknode’s developer platform
  • Test platform functionality, provide feedback and identify/report bugs
  • Identify new key products and features that the Pinknode should be developing
  • Assist with fixing bugs, contributing code, and building out new features and tools
  • Assist with writing the product documentation

The Selection Process ☑️

See you soon.