TCL launched Cityline 1 4k SmartTV and Gold Titan Air Conditioners

TCL launched their first QUHD TV series, equipped with a unique Quantum Dot Display Technology which far exceeds UHD TVs. Here in the Philippines, TCL brought the Cityline 1, one of the primary products of QUHD TV series to be released in the coming months. Available in both flat and curved designs, with sizes ranging from 50”

Available in both flat and curved designs, with sizes ranging from 50”and 55” to 65”, it brings together stunning image quality, elegant design, powerful hardware and ultimate entertainment content needed to up the ante of consumer-oriented TV.

Equipped with a 9.9mm slim screen, metallic body and bezel design with a Quad Core GPU plus running on Android OS to bring the Apps in your entertainment pleasure.

Also TCL introduced their new air conditioners dubbed as TCL TitanGold air conditioners, specially designed with gold-plated aluminum louver fins, ideally built to prevent and withstand extreme rusting and corrosion through their unique hydrophilic properties.

The hydrophilicity of these fins enables them to perform a self-cleaning function, leaving no room for mold and malodorous substances; thus, improving the overall atmospheric quality of the room at the same time.

TCL’s top-of-the-line air conditioners, the KA Split Type Inverter Series, are equipped with high-quality Full 5D DC components which effectively reduce power consumption by up to 60% at an optimal temperature setting. In addition, TCL Inverter split type air conditioners boast of their high-cooling performance below 0°C, ensuring cooling period at a relatively short time.

TCL TitanGold air conditioner collection consists of the Window Type (Manual and Remote) I Series, Non-inverter Split Type BU Series, and Inverter Split Type KA Series. Window Type I Series is available in 0.8HP, 1.0 HP, and 1.5HP. Split Type BU and KA Series are both available in 1.0HP, 1.5HP, 2.0HP, and 2.5HP.