PinStove launches in Bengaluru

A key element of the PinStove concept are our customers who whilst at work, university or away from their home kitchen, still crave locally home cooked meals. They tell us that they love enjoying our high quality meals cooked by PinChefs and our customer service. Now its time for Bangalore to benefit. Bangalore is said to have over a million IT professionals based in the city and who live away from home. We are confident that diners here will also relish the opportunity to have a home-cooked meal delivered to their place of work or lodgings. Our service offers an exciting alternative experience to eating hotel, canteen or fast food. We provide easy access to home cooked food by connecting our home chefs to diners. We then deliver that food to you where you are.

The innovative service was launched recently in Trivandrum and Kochi in Kerala. We are delighted to have signed up our first PinChefs in Bangalore and are rolling out service in the city, making it even easier to order home cooked food in India for home delivery. We have over 500 menu options available through the app for delivery in Bangalore, Trivandrum and Kochi. Our Chefs provide meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between.

We are so excited to be launching our food in the Indian foodie paradise and look forward to featuring traditional Karnataka food on our menus. Bangalore is a foodie paradise as it is possible to sample many different types of cuisine in the city due to its cosmopolitan population. From African to Indonesian, Middle Eastern to Australian. A famous restaurant is the Vegetarian Mavalli Tiffin Room which is so popular that many customers arrive and sit in a separate waiting room till a table becomes free. Dosa restaurants are also plentiful and Masala Dosa is said to originate from Bangalore.

PinChefs in Bangalore are united in their passion for their cooking We caught up with the latest cohort of PinChefs who are looking forward to sharing their home-cooked meals in Bangalore. They come from a wide range of different backgrounds; food enthusiasts and bloggers, home-makers and also some who are simply building up a repertoire of new meals for their families to enjoy. They cook a variety of different cuisines including Oriental, Italian as well as classic Bengali, and South Indian meals.

  1. Always use the best ingredients you can.
  2. When you are happy with your meal, you can be sure your customers will be happy too.
  3. If it’s a classic, then stick to the recipe, people love it for a reason.
  4. Measure ingredients accurately and be sure to taste for seasoning as you go.
  5. We often eat first with our eyes before we taste our food, presentation is important!

We love feedback, try us out and let us know your favourite dish

If you would like to sample some of the delights now on offer in Bangalore, download the PinStove app today and join our growing community of PinDiners who order home cooked food in India for home delivery. Try our fantastic alternative food experience today and enjoy a quality home-cooked meal with none of the time and effort required to prepare it. Are you a keen cook yourself? Do you have any top cooking tips? Get involved on social media and you could also be joining our PinChef community before you know it!