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4 min readSep 22, 2020

Aussie Pinners are looking forward to warmer days and shorter night, take them outside with your ideas. In the lead up to summer, people would traditionally be planning their holidays abroad. This year, help Pinners plan for a holiday close to home, inspire them with ideas from hitting the waves to camping in the national parks.

Although we have yet to embrace Halloween in all its glory, this year, Aussie Pinners are looking forward to the escapism of spooky seasons. People across Pinterest are searching for and saving Halloween and Christmas ideas earlier than they ever have on Pinterest. Why the shift? In the face of uncertain months, people are looking forward to looking forward. Keep reading to learn what content Pinners are searching for in October and November.



  • Eco-friendly cleaning: Inspire Pinners to clean green, think glass instead of plastic or swapping out paper for fabric serviettes. Searches for eco-friendly swaps +172%*
  • Makeover storage: Getting organised includes makeup storage, show Pinners how they can look after their beauty products and take care of their brushes.
  • Clean eating: Help Pinners stay healthy with healthy and nourishing recipe Pins, delicious smoothies and satisfying salads.

Fashion + beauty

  • Inclusive Beauty: We’ve launched skin tone ranges in Australia, help Pinners find beauty inspiration tailored to their skin and hair type with the best products and beauty how-tos. Searches for natural curly hair cuts +6x*
  • Nailed it: From warm and elegant to gloomy and spooky, Pinners are searching for creative nail art. Don’t forget the all-important hand-care treatments and nail hygiene.
  • How to prevent maskne: Everyone’s talking about it and Pinners are searching for it. Help them prevent the dreaded maskne with skincare routines and the best products.

Happy Halloween!

  • Give ’em pumpkin to talk about: Pinners are looking for pumpkin carving ideas. Put a twist on tradition, save on the mess, and inspire them to create a painted pumpkin this year.
  • Costumes to avoid: Educate Pinners on costumes that could offend people or be deemed as cultural appropriation.
  • Wholesome Halloween: Help Pinners find fun activities that don’t involve partyin’ — think visiting pumpkin patches and spooky movie nights.

DIY + creepy crafts

  • Deadly decor: Put out all the stops and transform your home into a haunted house — think DIY spider wreaths and creepy crawlies. Searches for scarecrow ideas +350%*
  • Trick or Treat: Help Pinners keep the kids entertained at home instead of going door to door this year — think scavenger hunts around the house.


NAIDOC Week 2020

  • In the interest of everyone’s safety, this year, NAIDOC Week is held in November. Acknowledge this nation’s story by showcasing educational resources and inspire Pinners with DIY and crafts ideas and activities for all the family.

Spring races from home

  • I would have worn: The spring races may not look the same this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dress up and get glam at home — think suits, floral prints and wrap dresses.

Summer pending

  • Get back to nature: Get out of the city and surf the waves, climb a rock or hike through the woods — whatever comes naturally.
  • Summer drinks: No bars? No problem. Help Pinners recreate their faves from home, from apple-tea cocktails to watermelon fizz mocktails.
  • Garden glow-up: Help Pinners envision their dream garden space ready for the summer months. Think built-in barbecues and decking ideas to fire pits, stock tank pools and gardening tips.
  • Outdoor play: Help parents create an outdoors where the kids can play, dig, splash and slide. Searches for outdoor play areas +550% YoY


  • Festival of Lights: Help Pinners plan in the lead up to Diwali (November 14th) with firework night happenings and gift ideas for friends and family.
  • DIY Diwali decorations: Celebrate from home with flower decorations, crafts activities for kids, and of course, lanterns aplenty.
  • Delicious Diwali: The festival encourages sharing and giving, so it’s no surprise that sweets and snacks are popular Diwali food — think savoury samosas and sweets like gulab jamun and balushahi.

Christmas planning

This year, Pinners have started searching and saving for the festive season earlier than they ever have on Pinterest.

  • Don’t be a grinch: Help Pinners find what their loved ones want. Use product catalogues and gift guides of everything from jewellery to the latest tech — don’t forget the ugly Crimbo jumpers.
  • Sleigh the showstopper: Help Pinners create a showstopping festive dessert that goes beyond Christmas pudding. Christmas cakes decoration +335%*


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*Internal Pinterest data and global YoY% increase from 2018–2019 and 2019–2020

Sandy — Pinterest Growth Specialist, currently Pinning to spooky season.