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5 min readJul 13, 2020

Over the past few months, the world has moved at an unprecedented pace. Across the UK, people have been staying at home to stay safe. Due to the increased use of social media, they have become more globally connected. Recent events have put injustice and inclusivity top of mind. We want to express not only our solidarity but also our on-going commitment to taking action.

In addition to the uncertainty of the past months, people are trying to balance work, kids, hobbies and career pursuits. We look to our UK creator community to continue to create actionable content that helps make every day easier for Pinners.

We’ve recently launched a new space in the app, called the Today tab; the Today tab connects Pinners with the best ideas on Pinterest. As a creator of content, align what you publish on Pinterest with the below categories for your chance to get featured on the Today tab.

Click Today at the top of your Pinterest home screen


Listening and acting

Inclusivity is not a trend or a moment in time. We want to ensure we’re continuing to make an on-going effort to make Pinterest an inspirational place for everyone.

  • Never too early to learn about diversity: Help the little ones learn about diversity with educational tools — think books or art that teaches fairness and inclusivity. Searches for inclusive educational posters +91%
  • Diverse beauty: Beauty is diverse and beauty is ageless. Create content that celebrates all hair types and skin colours.

Living well, spending less

  • Frugal living: Pinners are looking for the best ways to limit spending and get their finances organised, help Pinners with budgeting tips, the best savings apps and printable templates.
  • Repair, reuse: Buying second hand and ‘thrift flipping’ is on the rise. Show Pinners how they can create something new and unique using dye, simple stitching and restyling. Searches for thrifted home decor +308%

UK Staycation

  • Get back to nature: Get out of the city and go climb a rock, soak in a hot spring, or hike through the woods — whatever comes naturally.
  • Holiday close to home: Flights may be back on, but that doesn’t mean everyone is comfortable hopping on a plane. Pinners are looking for a weekend away close to home. Train travel +107%

Food + recipes

  • Bake Off: The nation’s favourite baking TV show should *fingers crossed* be back on our screens in August. Help take Pinners from beginner to star baker with recipes for all abilities.

More self-care

  • Morning routine: Whether it’s yoga or a method for getting ready, help Pinners wake up fresh each morning. Morning routine videos +161%
  • Digital detox: Screen time has been at an all-time high during these past months. Help Pinners to take a break and spend some time doing things that they love instead. Searches for social media detox +314%

Fashion + beauty

  • Chop and change: For most Pinners, it’s been months since they’ve chopped those locks. Create looks to show their hairdresser or video tutorials to try out at home. Gender-neutral haircuts +625%
  • Shop local: Independent businesses bring originality and variety into communities, create content that highlights small and local businesses across the country.
  • What I would wear: Festivals are postponed, a big part of the festival fun is picking out an outfit and putting on some glitter. Inspire Pinners to get all dressed up and recreate the festival vibes from their garden.


School’s in session

  • Study from home: Help students get back into a learning structure with realistic study schedules. Think tips for studying from home and how to balance their workload.

Winning from home

  • Home office upgrade: Pinners are looking for new ways to work hard from home — think storage solutions and comfy desk chairs to encouraging wall art.
  • Entrepreneur: Spent these last months working on new business ideas? Help Pinners turn their ideas into action with helpful business tips, vision boarding and planning.
  • Home bar: Help Pinners create a home bar experience — think fairy lights, neon signs and bar stools. Don’t forget the fakeaway afterwards!

Organic September

  • Organic September: Encourage Pinners to join in the month-long campaign by educating them about organic food, products and farming practices.
  • Sustainable UK shop: From natural and package free beauty to home furniture, help Pinners discover eco-friendly products. Searches for low-waste living +446%

Food + recipes

  • Host with the most: Pinners have been waiting for the time they can safely host their family and friends. Think satisfying starters, impressive mains and make-ahead desserts.
  • Brew at home: Save money and enjoy your daily cup at home — think chai, matcha and moon milk as well as coffee. Searches for home coffee station +751%

Fashion + beauty

  • Best of British fashion: Inspire Pinners with how they can recreate the looks from the catwalk. Don’t forget street styling, which has become just as important as the runway.
  • Streamline your style: As the weather starts to shift, early Autumn styles are landing in the shops. Offer Pinners tips on how to create their new season style, layer like a pro and where to buy timeless pieces.


Every week we save space for wildcards — original Pins that don’t relate to the above categories. What do you or your brand do uniquely? Do you have fantastic new content that deserves to be shared? Send it to us; we love seeing new ideas!

We want to see your most actionable and high-quality unique Pins. Please submit your original content that links to your blog, website or product.

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