Possibilities Planner 2018–2019 is hot off the press

Kate Allchin
Aug 6, 2018 · 1 min read
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We’ve just released our Pinterest Possibilities Planner 2018–2019. This is our editorial calendar (in booklet form) of what moments are happening on Pinterest UK for the year ahead. And you can use this planner to think about what moments work best for you and who you want to reach.

From big tent pole moments such as Halloween and Valentine’s to newer Pinterest moments such as Wonder Women Week and Kindness Week — there’s plenty of inspiration to curate your Pinterest boards around.

People come to Pinterest to plan.

Pinners start thinking about activities they want to do long before they happen. For each moment, try adding your content early to give Pinners time to plan. Take Christmas, for example, people start searching and Pinning as early as August. Let Pinners follow your lead by Pinning two to three months in advance. All with the help of our 2018–2019 Possibilities Planner HERE

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