The top Pinterest Engineering blog posts from 2021

Mobile screenshot of an example of Pinterest’s search-by-hair-pattern feature

In 2021, hundreds of millions of people turned to Pinterest as a positive source of inspiration through experiences powered by Pinterest engineers.

In another pandemic year, Pinterest engineers welcomed new teammates across the world including in Mexico City, Toronto and Poland. We banned weight loss ads and introduced the Creator Code for a more positive internet, made Pinterest more inclusive and algorithms less biased with hair pattern search, brought AR to eyeshadow try on, expanded shopping tech around the world, introduced ways for creators to build their businesses, and launched live experiences through Pinterest TV.

As we wrap up this year and look forward to 2022, here’s a recap of the most-read posts of 2021, to take you behind the scenes of some of the challenging and inspiring engineering work of our teams:

  1. How to Review Code as a Junior Developer
  2. Open sourcing Querybook, Pinterest’s collaborative big data hub
  3. The evolution of search at Pinterest
  4. Scaling Kubernetes with Assurance at Pinterest
  5. Detecting Image Similarity in (Near) Real-time Using Apache Flink
  6. How we reduced Pinterest’s iOS app size by 30+% / 50MB
  7. How we designed our Continuous Integration System to be more than 50% Faster
  8. Trusting Metrics at Pinterest
  9. Pinterest’s Analytics as a Platform on Druid (Part 1 of 3)
  10. Manas Realtime — Enabling changes to be searchable in a blink of an eye

One last important mention: we launched our Engineering Blog en Español this year! Check it out here.

Thank you for supporting our Pinterest Engineering Blog. We hope to see you next year!

To learn more about engineering at Pinterest, check out the rest of our Engineering Blog, and visit our Pinterest Labs site. To view and apply to open opportunities, visit our Careers page.



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