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FAQ for Infinity Grids Bot on Pionex!

This year more and more traders start creating Infinity Grids Bot on Pionex because the good performance in the up-trend market situation.

Here are some following information provided for you to deep understand Infinity Grids Bot well!


1. When is the best situation to create an Infinity Grids Bot?

Infinity Grids Bot is the best choice in the up trend market.When the market is in the up trend or has the up trend to pump, creating the Infinity Grids Bot is the best way comparing to Grid trading bot(Normal Grid Trading Bot).

2. How does Infinity Grids Bot make the profit?

Because Infinity Grids Bot has the good performance in up trend market, so Infinity Grids bot will make the good unrealized profit.

Total profit= Grid profit(realized profit) + Unrealized profit.

Grid profit is made from market fluctuation, and the unrealized profit is from the up or down of the price itself.

3. Why does Infinity Grids need the higher minimum investment than Grid Trading Bot?

It is very easy to understand, because Infinity Grids has “infinite” grids (not really infinite, but a big number) to place orders, which requires the higher minimum investment than Grid Trading Bot.

4. What the investment will be used to do? Just to place orders?

A part of investment will be used to place orders and Bot will make the amount of this part assets remain the same value while the price keeps up or down. and the rest will be used to buy at the bottom.

The formula to calculate for different parts:

A(Investment) - X(To place orders)= {P1(the market price) - P2(the lowest price)}/P2*X

X:To place orders, A-X : Buy at the bottom if the price down.

5. Does Infinity Grids Bot fit all the market condition?

Infinity Grids Bot is the best choice in up trend market, not all market condition like the price keep tanking.

6. What’s the difference between Grid trading and Infinity Grids bot?

As the picture shows, there are several differences and you can check this link to learn more details: https://medium.com/@mario_40812/the-difference-between-grid-trading-and-infinity-grids-bot-fb3167eb92a2

7. What will happen when the price goes out of the lowest price range of the bot?

If the price drops through the lowest price limit of the bot, the buy-sell grid won’t run, and Bot is still running but no transaction as long as the price not go back above the lowest price.


1. What’s the meaning for each parameter?

  • Lowest Price: The bottom of your infinity price range, you think, which the price will hardly break through.
  • Profit per Grid: The size of your grids (Many transactions with small profit, or few transactions but with huge profit?).
  • Total Investment: How much you want to invest for this Bot.

2. What will happen after I cancel the bot?

After you decide to cancel the bot, it’ll cancel all the grid orders and stop running immediately. Your funds will remain with the same allocation at the moment it stops running.


1. How can I check my status of the bot?

You can check your bot status by clicking the TRANSACTIONS button.

2. What’s the definition for each profit in the report?

  • Total Invest is the total value at the moment you created the bot.
  • Grid Profit: The profit made by the bot from each buy and sell orders (Fluctuation arbitrage).
  • Unrealized Profit: your total holding asset compare to the moment you created the bot.
    Unrealized Profit = (Current Price — Average Buy Price) * Amount of Coin
  • Total Profit = Grid Profit + Unrealized Profit.
  • Annualized Return = Realized Profit / Total investment / Grid lasting time(normalized into days) * 365 * 100%

The tutorial of Infinity Grids Bot:

You also can join our telegram group to take the further assistance.

👉 Join Pionex: https://www.pionex.com/en-US/sign👉 Pionex Official Telegram Group: https://t.me/pionexen




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