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How did I make 3× profit by creating Leveraged Grid while I’m sleeping!

👉 Sign up on Pionex: https://www.pionex.com/en-US/sign

Derivatives are becoming more and more popular. Pionex also launched the Grid Trading 2.0 system, including more advanced Bots. I really want to shout out for the Leveraged Grid Bot 🤩.

💥 +16.99% profit earned in 23 days — how awesome Leveraged Grid is!

In order to learn how Leveraged Grid works, I spent 500$ in it with BTC/USDT, which is running for over 23 days, and makes+84.97$ (+16.99%) profits.

Comparing to holding BTC, 2×Leveraged Grid earns 15.4574U more, 3×Leveraged Grid even earns 57.8471U more. So Leverage Grid could get 2× and max 3× of profit that Normal Grid Bot makes, and even perfectly win holding.

👍Why I use Leveraged Grid:
① Leveraged Grid not only can make more Grid Profit, also can make some Unrealized profit.② Leveraged Grid can max 3× your profit, even could win holding.

🧐Advanced use case for Leveraged Grid Bot — Hedge Bot Combo

As every trader knows, if you create the Leveraged Grid with wrong direction, you will lose money.
Is any way out? Sure- I made a Bot Combo with Leveraged Grid +Margin Grid.

Bot Combo is the long-short strategy, which means you should create a Leveraged Grid(Long BTC)and a Margin Grid(Short BTC)with the same parameter setting at the same time.

I created a 2× Leveraged Grid(Long BTC) and a 2×Margin Grid(Short BTC) at the same time as hedge bot combo. So my Margin bot made the negative profits, while my Leveraged Grid made the positive profit, which hedge the total profit loss.
So my hedge bot combo profit=84.9774$+(-62.08$)=22.8974$.

👍Why I made this Bot Combo:
①You don’t have to worry about choosing wrong direction. Because even one’s total profit is negative, another’s shall be positive, which can hedge the loss to reduce your risk. ②you can get 2× Grid Profit from the two bots.

Check here to learn how I make Bot Combo: https://medium.com/bot-comb-with-leveraged-margin-bots

The risk of Leveraged Grid that you should know

①Both Leveraged Grid and Bot Combo all have the risk to be liquidated, so you should pay attention to the estimated liquidation price.

②Bot Combo normally will get positive profit only during the certain price range with high frequency arbitrage. The low frequency arbitrage and sideways market may make the negative profits.

Single Grid profit > fee+daily interest, or your profits may get negative.

④Leveraged Grid and Margin Grid should be set with the same parameters.

You can follow my Facebook to messenger me with your trading ideas:https://www.facebook.com/mario.liu.1042

You are also welcome to join Pionex telegram group to talk with more experienced traders.

👉 Sign up on Pionex: https://www.pionex.com/en-US/sign👉 Pionex Official Telegram Group: https://t.me/pionexen

pionex is …

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