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The Good Long-Term Grid Strategy makes 40% Profit in 20 Days- Big Price Range + 150 Grids + Geometric!

Nowadays crypto market looks like a mess caused by COVID-19 or economic depression, So whether there will be some chances to make profit using Grid Trading Bot now? The answer is “Sure, there’ll always be”

In this volatile market, how to start Grid Trading Bot to earn considerable returns? The following is real case:

As picture shows, this Grid Trading has several characteristics: (1) runs for a long time, more than 24 days, (2) investment and profit are high, more than 40% profit to get, (3) price range is large, 2,000–20,000. It can be seen that Grid Trading with large price range has a good performance in volatile market!

Bot with Big Price Range

We all know Grid Trading bot has the good performance in sideways market, but if the current price goes out of the price range, then the bot will not work any more.

In case that, big price range is the best solution. You can check the lowest & highest price during several months even years and set your price range.

Up to 150 Grids to Set

If you set a big price range, now max 150 grids can be created with on Pionex. This is the new update from 99 grids to 150 girds.

Arithmetic/Geometric — Grid Spacing Setting

Now there are two grid spacing settings for Grid trading bot.

Arithmetic Spacing will always make the same amount of currency (ex. USDT) as profit in each Grid, which normally will be used in some small or common price range.
Geometric Spacing will always make the same percentage of profit in each Grid, which will be used in some big price range.

So Big price range + Up to 150 Grids + Geometric is a good choice to keep for a long term to make more profit!

If you have any questions, you can join our telegram group to take the further assistance.

👉 Join Pionex: https://www.pionex.com/en-US/sign👉 Pionex Official Telegram Group: https://t.me/pionexen

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