Gregynog — a list

I went to stay in an old country home called Gregynog for the second time this weekend. Here is a list of things it had:

Massively pretty grounds that I had 0 time to explore

An antique toilet which we were forbidden to use

Pianos littered around everywhere

A shower with no working light and that had two temperatures — boiling hot and freezing cold.

Around 40 awkward Computer Science students

A bar in the basement

Tiny meals

Weak Wi-Fi

Cake and tea


Books everywhere

a ridiculous number of beds

An all in one cassette and CD player

A dog

stealth dog photo

Window sills that were impossible to sit on

A toilet that felt like it was going to flush me away

A room that was far too small and made me panic when I woke up

Slippy floors

Chairs in bathrooms

An organ

Not much sleep

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