Itching For More: Rain in the Month of January

Every Wednesday, even when I’m anxiously waiting to hear back from internship applications (hi if you’re a nice games company, hire me !! !! !), Itching For More shall appear, floating out of her room at night. That’s right. Aunty Itching For More is back in the house, for the 3rd week running.Why won’t she leave?!?!?! She has taken up residence in your room, you forced to sleep in the kennel with your dog, Itch. Crying into Itch’s fur, you weep bitter tears. Wait a second… that’s no dog!!! Aunty Itching For More cackles as you weep, licking the salty tears off of your face, a mouthful of dog food. “YOU’LL NEVER GET RID OF ME”, she cries. You sob as she stalks off, a large silhouette in the rain. This week, is a small altgame, entitled: Rain in the Month of January.

Rain in the Month of January, by Gage Melton, focuses around small scenes amidst the dead of night, rain pouring down all around you. It centres around rain and its impact on the characters within this small world: its consequences, the character’s feelings towards it and the divide it draws between them.

The characters themselves seem pretty split on it — a couple stand next to a lake, enjoying the pitter patter of the droplets on the water’s surface. Another couple argue beneath a streetlamp, rain dividing them. One sits on a porch, warning you against venturing into the darkness. All of these characters have different views on the rain and the darkness — the two defining points within Rain in the Month of January.

The rain brings arguments and doubts between people, yet comfort to others. It provides a welcome contrast — a character sits happily next to a fire, glad of its warmth and light in comparison to the cold rain and dark night. All of these scenes are portrayed in a gorgeous blue and black palette, light morphing in and out, slowly disappearing as you near its source.

The most fitting representation for the rain, something of which so many people are affected by, and something of which so many people have an opinion are the recent political decisions, both within the USA (Trump) and the UK (Brexit). Such seismic shifts in our history towards something so divisive parallels well with Rain in the Month of January.

Some people have huge opinions on it — telling others not to go out in it. Others argue with their loved ones about it, whilst others simply stand back and watch. Yet, in the end, there is always a glimmer of hope, a fire to sit by in shelter from the rain. Even if the end is unknown; a night full of darkness, the rain soon shall stop, the sun shall rise and the land enveloped in the warmth of the new morning.

Rain in the Month of January is pay-what-you-want, available here.

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