Itching For More: Sacramento

Every Wednesday, even after I’ve spent the day in one room attaching wires to PCs under desks in cramped conditions (hurray the luxurious summer job of an IT technician), Itching For More shall crawl up, out of your screen and into your eyeballs. This week, explorable sketch book: Sacramento

First things first, Sacramento (by Delphine Fourneau (Dziff)), is gorgeous. I don’t mean gorgeous as in “ah that’s quite nice to look at” gorgeous, but rather “i want to stop and admire this tree for the next few minutes” gorgeous. When I first walked around Sacramento, it felt like walking into the illustration of a novel, the trees, foliage, animals, buildings all have a lovely scratchy feel about them, their lines constantly moving around, giving even more life to the already vibrant animations.

Sacramento is a collection of sketches, memories and scraps all seamlessly joined together. You wander through them all, approaching flamingos, exploring the short map before you fade back to the starting screen. Sacramento describes itself as “ephemeral” — something that exists only briefly. And perhaps this is how Sacramento perfectly exists.

Because, whilst Sacramento’s #content is relatively small, it works in the context of the piece. There are some games that I played years ago that I’ve forgotten the majority of the premise to, instead a few screens stuck in the depths of my memory, serving as a vague reminder of their existence. Sacramento, in the best possible way feels like it will become one of those experiences. Something you play once and forget about until a few years later when an image of a beautifully coloured tree pops into your head.

The ephemerality of Sacramento also exists as a reminder to us, that the best things never last long. It has a fading quietness about it as the sun (a big orange hesitant blob in the sky) begins to set and you realise your time is up. The last few moments of it, where you’re dragged out of the sketches and back onto the train has a finality and formalness about it, that few games manage to achieve.

“Drift aimlessly across time & space, enjoy the quiet while it lasts as life will soon resume its course.”

Sacramento is pay-what-you-want, available here

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