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Itching For More: The Fish Market

Every Wednesday, itching for more seeps out of my ears and onto medium.com. This week is Fish Market simulator: The Fish Market.

I know what you’re thinking. Not ANOTHER Fish Market game?? Surely the market is already too crowded? People are SICK of Fish Market games. People are bored TO DEATH of Fish Market games. Only last week, The News reported that the Fish Market Game business was plummeting, with less and less consumers interested in visiting virtual fish markets???

Well friends. Let me tell you this. The Fish Market, by Grace Bruxner is the Fish Market game to end all Fish Market games. This takes the genre back to its roots — no haggling, no hidden stealth games, no sneaky proverbial sharks trying to bite the money out of your pocket, no long winded political metaphor about capitalism. No, my friends, picture this.

The Fish Market, places you in a market run by fish, and lets you explore. Sets you free. Free to do anything in your wildest dreams. You can look at the stalls, you can walk around the stalls, you can listen to the fish band, you can watch the fish swim, you can talk to your screen at the fish at the stalls, you can find the lil starfish hidden away. ALL THIS AND MORE MY FRIENDS, ALL THIS… AND MORE.

Listen my friends. I know this game was realeased 215 days ago, so WHY NOT NOW, on its TWO HUNDREDTH AND FIFTEENTH ANNIVERSARY let me celebrate its beauty, its grace, its elegance. Let us breath in the tertels and the fish, let us wonder at what it would be like to buy some of the beautiful stall items for sale, let us BELIEVE IN THE FISH MARKET.

Let us analyse this image, dear friends, dear pals, dear listeners readers or candlestick makers. Look at it. Let us first see that fish in the background. Look at its bulging eyes, its happy pink tentacles, its willingness to sell us sosegs.
Then, dear candlestick makers, let us look at this lobster and its rocks. May I particularly point out the rock on the far right — I feel like if I was able to reach out and shake the lobster’s pointy claw, I would have that rock. That one right(left) there. This is it friends. We have reached the point where no more Fish Market games may ever be released.

The market for Fish Market sims may be flooded, but with Grace Bruxner’s small Fish Market, I believe that no other market may ever top it.

The Fish Market is pay-what-you-want, available here.



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