No Man’s Sky

Eyes open.

Ship screaming down through the atmosphere.

Bright, saturated colours dancing across the landscape.

Gliding slowly towards the ground.

Staring at each piece of fauna, mountains in the distance.

I pick a point on the horizon and walk.

Small creatures run past me, skittering and calling out to one another.

Trees and flowers litter the ground, pushing towards the sky.

Moving through a lake, fish ignore me, more interested in the walls.

Night falls and temperatures drop.

Resources are low.

As darkness settles, a storm creeps in.

Running now, rather than strolling, I sprint towards the horizon.

Desperate to find a cave, or some shelter or somewhere, anywhere away from this cold, desolate planet.

Life Support is down.


Fading out, life signs dropping, monotone computer warnings slicing through the storm.

Continuing, towards a glimmer of hope.

A sigh of relief and a hiding place from the frost.

A cave.

Orange, bright light, slowly pushing against the blue.

I curl up and wait for this tempestuous night to pass.

This shelter from the storm, this planet, system, universe is not mine.

I am just an observer, pushing forward, abandoning the past.

These places are not mine to keep.

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