I have become obsessed with the idea of poetry as an image.
Poetry as a way to describe something that perhaps sight cannot.

Is it that simple? Or is it more?
Is an image the best way to describe a poem? 
Not a rigid set of structures
But some art 
Dressed up
Moved around
Tasted in the mouth
Writing the thousands of words that the photo was meant to.

Painting the colours the painting tried to.
Pushing the brush across canvas
Pen across paper
Trying to specify a feeling
An emotion
A colour or a place
A thought and idea
Through unconventional grammar and sentences.

I need to re-evaluate how I write
How I think
Whether my style is throwaway or something to keep
Whether I think too little or too much
Should my arm be an extension my brain or do I need a buffer
Are my words needed, or needless?

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