Imagine a world, where something stinking of corruption (I mean STINKING of corruption), is close to being President of one of the largest nations. Where someone whose pores emit a vile gas of greed, selfishness and narcissism. Someone who publicly hangs around with the true dirt of this world — who also happen to be similarly evil and corrupt.

Someone who is being “trained” by another contemptible monster in a human’s clothes — both adamant on driving divisions and destruction within society, separating people based on social and cultural standing, obsessed with narcissistic tendencies that there must be a perfect subset of human (of which, of course, they belong to).

These people are then fueled by an almost insatiable need for power, and zero moral boundaries of which to break through — doing anything and everything to get to the top. On top of a tower of filth — broken media putting everything but them in a negative light, a government which works for the few, headed by a team of rich elites who see only at their stature, unable to look down at the people literally at their feet asking for change.

Monsters coming out of their holes and being welcomed with open arms — all reasonable and natural responses being chased back, fleeing into the holes from where the monsters arose. No wonder I am angry.

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