Winter Is Coming

I just can’t express how much I look forward to winter each year. Winter is at that point in the year when exams are just far enough away to not worry about, when you can ignore most stress and sit inside warm. Winter brings the prettiest weather, snow. Snow has 4632918563217 reasons why its the best — the crunch of untrodden upon snow under your feet is perfect, sitting in a classroom and staring out the window, daydreaming whilst it comes down, your work forgotten. Winter gives more opportunities with your friends — snowball fights, laughing whilst you keep balance, more hugs to keep warm, giving christmas gifts. Winter brings shorter days, darker mornings particularly being a favourite of mine, cementing my half asleep mornings. Winter lets me wear my big ass winter coat and warm comfortable hoodies. By winter all the leaves are gone, giving everything a slight edge and unnatural beauty. Winter brings more warm foods, a comfort from the cold outside. Winter is my favourite season and nothing can change that.

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