Are You There Developers? It’s Us, Pipedrive.

Today, we’re happy to announce that we’re making it even easier to work with our API than ever before. We’ll be accomplishing this by introducing our Developers’ Corner, which in addition to our API reference page, will also provide API Documentation and a Developers’ Community.

We decided to add these documentation and community in order to create an environment that would better foster creativity as well as reduce the amount of time spent solving development tasks. While we’ve always tried to provide the best support when using the Pipedrive application directly, it’s been a bit more complex to provide that same level of help to the developers making use of our API. The combination of API documentation and an active forum community should help fill this existing gap, allowing you to focus your time on idea(s).

Developers’ Community

To provide a platform for our community, we’ll be introducing a developer forum which will help open up transparency between our API and those of you who actively work with it. Included in the forum are categories to help focus the topics of discussions, as well as options to reply directly to a previous question within the thread or marking an answer as ‘solved’ if it answers the topic question.

An important aspect of building this community is for us to allow you to not only have discussions with Pipedrive developers directly, but to also be able to communicate with fellow developers working with our API. Previously, the community was quite distributed making it difficult to know where everyone was going to seek help and who was able to perform assistance for them. A centralized community will not only help us to help you, but will also allow for localized communities to grow outside of what we could reasonably offer. We could also then provide assistance for these localized communities to potentially create public gatherings or events, helping to further increase the knowledge of the overall community.

API Documentation

In order to allow you to gain a better understanding of what our API is capable of and the various ways in which you can make work with it, we’ve created an API Documentation section which will focus on the following:

Core API Concepts: This section will allow you to quickly and easily grasp the very essentials of what our API is capable of as well as terminology and limits. This area isn’t so much focused on teaching anything new, but instead just to inform on what is unique or specific to our API.

Tutorials: These will range from simple to more complicated — from directing you to where the API token is located to expanding on how to make different endpoints work togethes and various guides (Webhook use, etc).

Developer Blog Posts: Where you can find updates and interesting stories directly from our own Pipedrive developers. We will focus on bringing you examples of tools and methods we’ve used internally to help strengthen Pipedrive as well as any major updates from the development side that you may find useful.

Success Stories: We know that one of the best ways to get ideas and inspiration is see how others have already succeeded. What was the process(es) that ended with the best results? Initial failures that eventually led to success? These questions and others will be answered to help provide a complete picture of other users’ experiences.

API Changelog: We know that transparency in regards to our API is of utmost importance and we’ll this an opportunity for anyone to promptly see what changes have been made and when they were introduced