Why does Pipefy have the Honey Badger as the symbol of our culture?

Oct 15, 2018 · 4 min read

Writing by Marina Tonin Agranionih

Honey Badger facing a lion

If you follow our Instagram or know a little about our culture, you can see that we call ourselves Honey Badgers.

But many people don’t get what this means, and today we will talk about why it is our cultural symbol.

The Honey Badger is referred to as the most fearless animal in all the animal kingdom because he will eat venomous snakes, fearlessly face lions (not even caring about it).Take a look at this video, you’ll be able to see a Honey Badger in action.

Honey Badgers are fearless, driven and focused on reaching their goals, not easily taking ‘no’ for an answer.

That’s why we’re proud to say we have a #HoneyBadger attitude here at Pipefy and reflects some of the success we’ve had.

We’re a three-year-old BPM software startup selling to big companies such as Accenture, Santander, and IBM and we’re continuously empowering our customers to reach more productive lives.

At the beginning of this year, we’ve received a higher than average Series A because our investors have seen what we’re capable of.

And more importantly, we want to build the next massive tech company that will impact the economy in our region in such a way that it will convince the airlines that Curitiba and San Francisco must be connected by a direct flight (and later, in many more countries).

We consider ourselves fearless, and we are making things happen. Neither our age nor educational leve matters, our drive is to achieve all our wildest dreams.

We are doing this based on our values:

1. Dream big:

For us, it is really important to know that we must always believe we can do an exceptional job, regardless of our age or level of experience. We genuinely believe that we are going to create a 10 or hundred billion-dollar company.

More than that, we want to create a positive impact (economic and social) everywhere our company is present.

2. Radical Candor:

We don’t want communication issues to bring Pipefy to its end, that’s why being radically candid is really important for our routines. It means that anyone can be totally open to give genuine, fast and objective feedback about anything. This happens when we Challenge people Directly and show we Care Personally at the same time.

If you want to know more about this we recommend you to read Kim Scott's book, Radical Candor.

3. Overachiever:

We believe that each and every one of us should focus on being 1% better every day. That 1% will amount to a massive improvement of over 3800% every year!

This means that we need to know ourselves well enough to identify the areas in which we aren’t good enough, so we can work on to get 1% better. We can focus on improving it by taking a course or special classes, having a coach or talking to people we admire.

This way we’re setting a really high bar for our deliverables that will lead us towards achieving a 10x execution.

4. Humble to Improve fast:

We believe that there is always room for improvement at Pipefy. We are all growing together as a company, professionals, and human beings. This requires all of us to be humble and understand we always need to develop our skills and behavior.

More than that we have fantastic teammates that are open to talk about what we are doing and give tips shorting our way to deliver what we need. That’s why it is important for us to be humble to ask for help when we need it.

5. Trustable:

Trust is the foundation for everything we are doing at Pipefy.

Our business is built on relationships. Relationships between employers and employees, staff and customers. When we trust in all our stakeholders, we create an environment in which development and high execution are a priority.

6. Keep it simple:

As Albert Einstein says “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

It means we should put things into practice faster because more time we will have to test, understand the results and improve it.

It doesn’t mean we won’t deliver what we need with high quality. It says that we will take less time planning and more time putting things into practice to seize opportunities and start new things.

7. Own the company:

All the #HoneyBadgers own Pipefy. Togheter, we are making things happen, that’s why we need to worry about everything, from how much we pay for working trips to how we deliver value to our customers.

It’s our job, not other people’s job; our money, not other people’s money; our brand, not other people’s brand; our product, not other people’s product; our team, not just any team. It’s our Pipefy.

8. Enjoy the ride:

We want all of us to enjoy a great experience and be proud of being a #HoneyBadger, that’s why we need to be happy throughout this journey.

We need to enjoy all the moments and go to bed thinking we are creating something awesome. Regardless of the challenges and difficulties we face, everything we’re living must be worth it.

9. Don’t be toxic:

We don’t tolerate toxicity. In our daily routines, it can be translated into gossips or complaints about other people, about the company, the culture, goals or results.

If we don’t agree with a specific situation, we have our value, Radical Candor, in which we have complete freedom to give feedback to anyone within the team.

This is a little bit of our culture and why being a #HoneyBadger is crucial for us. We are fearless to achieve what we want, and our values are how we do this, and it will lead us to reaching our Big Dreams.

By the way, we are hiring…

Thanks for reading, if the #HoneyBadger spirit makes sense for you, join our team. We want to meet you.


Pipefy is the workflow automation platform that empowers do-ers to organize and control their work in a single place. And this is our blog :)


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Pipefy is the workflow automation platform that empowers do-ers to organize and control their work in a single place. And this is our blog :)


Pipefy is the workflow automation platform that empowers do-ers to organize and control their work in a single place. And this is our blog :)