Pipeline hit me this year in an instance where I could see my past, present, and future.

By: Jeff Rohr

My favorite moment in Ireland also turned out to be the aha moment that you said we’d have during the fellowship. Pipeline hit me this year in an instance where I could see my past, present, and future.

Jeff Rohr and Pipeline’s 2016 Fellowship class head to a day of module work.

Walking through the morning dew on the Irish Open golf course (The Montgomerie) and taking steps in the green country of my family’s heritage with the backdrop of the Carton House castle, I recounted the countless hours of hard work that I spent on the golf course as a kid in one of my first “jobs”.

That hard work has never subsided or been forgotten, but is now blood, sweat, and tears spent on my own dream and my own business. I thought of the past year and all of the great strides that I’ve taken personally and professionally. I thought of how instrumental Pipeline has been in making the journey a success. From the family of entrepreneurs around me pushing one another forward, to the breakthroughs from stepping out of my business to work on my business, to the network of customers, mentors, and investors that we would not otherwise have if it were not for Pipeline. The dream is now being realized.

Pipeline Fellow, Jeff Rohr, at Module 3 in Ireland.

As I walked up to Toby Rush, I saw a man that embodied my future — a man that has successfully built companies, taken them to fruition, and done so with the foundation that his Pipeline family provides. This is the same man that had talked me into joining Pipeline in the first place. I’m fully confident that I will soon follow in his footsteps. Pipeline allows me to dream even bigger than I otherwise would knowing that I have the network and resources to make incredible things happen and the safety net of my entrepreneurial family to make it through the challenges.

I truly believe that I was meant to be there that day in Ireland on the golf course with Toby watching the dots of my life connecting. Pipeline made that moment happen.

It’s bittersweet to come to the end of the fellowship year. But, knowing this is only year one, I can’t wait to see this family grow, look forward to the relationships to come, and the places that it will take us. I’m extremely honored to be a part of it. #PipelineClan

Jeff Rohr enjoys the last day of Module 3 golfing at The Montgomerie.

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