Pipeline Passion — Ben Vu

I can attest whole-heartedly that Pipeline is full of passionate entrepreneurs AND Pipeline itself is passionate about each one of us.

When Joni asked me to be in Our Passion film I thought she was mistaken. I mean, we’d had a rough year or so, and while we are really making headway again, I thought that I should wait to be in a film when things were really on top of the world for me — for SkyVu. But then she and I sat up for a really long talk and I remembered. I remembered that while Pipeline loves success, impact, all of that –what Pipeline cares most deeply about is each one of us. Pipeline believes in us even when we are struggling to believe in ourselves.

Pipeline saw something in each one of us when we applied — but more importantly — they see something special in us now. Even when things are tested, they believe in our dreams and our ability to achieve. It’s that passion that Pipeline has for us that keeps us all coming back. Yes, we are passionate entrepreneurs. But passion can also be draining, and hard to access sometimes when we are tired or having a rough patch. Sometimes we need to be reminded that others care about us deeply and believe in us. I am so incredibly grateful for that.

It is my honor to present to you a story that could be about any one of us in Pipeline. A story about the passion that Pipeline saw in us and continues to see in us everyday.

- Ben Vu