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A Recap of Pippi Finance AMA with Jinse Finance — DEX is the fulcrum for leveraging Defi

Deo attended an AMA event hosted by Jinse Finance, here is the recap of the event

Question 1: First, Could introduce Pippi Finance, please?

Pippi Finance is a DeFi project driven by the Huobi Ecological Chain (Heco). At present, our project has four core functions:

  1. Farming: users obtain PIPI (Pippi Finance’s platform token) by providing liquidity. At present, we have supported more than 20 pairs of liquidity mining. At the same time, we are also actively expanding partners and will continue to launch new pairs in the near future.
  2. Single Token Staking: currently, users are allowed to obtain PIPI by stake a single PIPI token, and xPIPI is generated at the same time as the pledge; when we talk about our fourth function
  3. xPIPI Pool airdrop pool, xPIPI can be pledged again on our platform to obtain airdrop coins from the project parties that cooperate with Pippi. For example, we currently have $PTD, $ONE, and SWF online. Of course, we are also actively connecting, and new airdrop coins will be launched in the near future.

Question 2: I am more curious about xPIPI. Can you tell us what is xPIPI? What are the differences to PIPI?

$xPIPI is obtained by staking PIPI. Unlike PIPI, it is not a token. It is a new voucher obtained by staking our platform currency PIPI. 25% of the PIPI generated by the farm’s mining will be released to the staking pledge pool. By staking PIPI, users will obtain the xPIPI certificate according to the PIPI pledge amount 1:1 while harvesting PIPI. This xPIPI voucher can be pledged twice in xPIPI Pool to obtain the tokens of other cooperative projects. At the same time, users can use the harvested third-party tokens to form a new liquidity trading pair and perform PIPI mining again in the farm to form a complete Ecological closed loop.

Question 3: We know that Pippi Finance is a platform based on Heco. Why did Pippi choose Heco?

First of all, Heco’s transaction fees are very low. Compared with the high gas fee of Ethereum, Heco is almost free, and the speed of Heco is very fast, which is very beneficial to users and project parties; secondly, based on the advantages of the first point, the entry barrier for users is low, which will have a very positive effect on customer traffic, and the number of users will gather and grow efficiently, resulting in a long-term benign profit effect. We are happy to see the project site; third, the development cost on the Heco chain is much lower than Ethereum, and the Heco side has given the entire Huobi ecosystem flow blessing and technology blessing.

Question 4: At present, many DEX platforms have appeared on Heco, BSC, and Ethereum. In such a competitive market, what are the advantages of Pippi Finance compared with other platforms, or what are the differences?

First of all, as we just talked about choosing the Heco chain as our project platform, Heco’s advantages allow us to quickly grow from 0–1 in this ecology. Less than 5 days after the launch of the Pippi project, the liquidity pledge (TVL) exceeded$200 Million.

Question 5: We have seen that Pippi has launched the NTF catalog, and we have also seen that GameDAO has issued strategic cooperation. Is it convenient to disclose some specific development plans?

As mentioned earlier, we hope that Pippi can develop into an ecological platform, so we are doing active research on the projects of each track on the platform. NFT is a well-deserved explosion at the beginning of 2021, and we naturally also conducted research on this track project. It is only the early stage of the development of NFT, and there is a lot of room for imagination regarding the development of NFT.

Question 6: Can you tell us about the future development plan of Pippi Finance?

In fact, some of our plans have already been mentioned in the part of the answer just now, so let me summarize:

Question 7: We are looking forward to the future development of Pippi. What channels are there to let us know the latest developments of Pippi?

The main official platforms of Pippi Finance are Telegram, Medium and Twitter, which can be reached directly through the following methods:



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