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Pippi Shrimp Swap

Pippi Finance and Seaweed Finance Have Reached a Strategic Partnership and Will Add $SWF Liquidity Minings to Pippi Farm and xPIPI Pool

Pippi Finance will launch an SWF-PIPI LP mining campaign and xPIPI Pool will launch an $SWF airdrop at 2 PM April 6th, SGT.

On April 6th, Pippi Finance and Seaweed decided to create a strategic partnership for a greater commercial complementary. Pippi Finance will provide marketing liquidities supports and Seaweed Finance will provide business support. Both parties will trade this partnership as a great opportunity to become a strong part of the Heco ecosystem.

At 2 PM, April 6th, Pippi Farm will add SWF-PIPI LP. At the same time, will start an airdrop on xPIPI Pool

Pippi Farm

Stake $SWF- $PIPI LP to earn $PIPI

Start: 2PM, April, 6th, 2021 SGT

Pippi Farm: https://app.pippi.finance/farms

xPIPI Pool

Stake $xPIPI to earn $SWF

Total Tokens: 7,500,000 $SWF

Start: 2PM, April, 6th, 2021 SGT

Finish: 2PM, May, 4th, 2021 SGT

Token Rewards Per Block: 9.3005 $SWF

xPIPI POOL: https://app.pippi.finance/xpipi

About Seaweed Finance

Seaweed Finance ($SWF) is the first options trading platform based on the HECO Chain. Seaweed Finance is appointed as the designated option trading platform by TokenPocket — one of the top decentralized wallets worldwide. By leveraging the revolutionary BSM pricing model and AMM liquidity pool, Seaweed Finance aims to build a cutting-edge financial derivatives platform for the DEFI ecosystem.

About Pippi Finance

Pippi Finance is a DEX and Automatic Market-making Mechanism (AMM) project driven by the Heco, which allows everyone to exchange various Heco tokens efficiently and securely.




A democratized AMM & yield farm on HECO

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Pippi Finance

Pippi Finance

Pippi Finance-the next evolution DeFi exchange on HECO.

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