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Pippi Finance Weekly Report #4 (April 15th — April 21st)

Only 1,157 Pippi Punk NFT remaining, get your first Pippi NFT

I. Pippi Finance Update

TVL: $99,879,954

Total $PIPI Supply: 16,586,093

Distributed Market Value: $21,628,892

Total $PIPI Burned Since Launch: 8,463,740 (+1,483,740)

Current Pipi Farm: 29 Pairs

Pippi Farm: https://app.pippi.finance/farms

Current xPipi Pool: Stake $xPIPI to get 6 airdrop tokens

xPipi Pool: https://app.pippi.finance/xpipi


Liquidity: $82,883,327

Volume: $12,414,570

PippiSwap Info: https://info.pippi.finance/home

Pippi NFT

Remaining NFT: 1,157

Get your first Pippi NFT: https://app.pippi.finance/nft

II. Market Update

On April 15th, Pippi NFT went lived, 10,000 pieces of CryptoPunk were offered and sold more than 8,000 of them.

As of 11:20 AM, April 16th, 2021, SGT, Pippi NFT-Punk has sold a total of 8,805 units, including 8,714 units for 5 $HT each and 91 units for 10 $HT each. The total income is: 8714*5 + 91*10 = 44,480 $HT According to the Pippi NFT destruction rules, half of the total sales, which is 22,240 $HT, will be used to repurchase $PIPI and then being burned. After the remaining part is sold, 50% will still be repurchased and burned. The first repurchase (22,240 $HT) and the burn processes will be completed on April 16, 2021, and the detailed information will be announced to the community when it has done.

Repurchase Details https://hecoinfo.com/tx/0x9982b5020f0ca1b2ccbb5f1c2f6151f97264452f1e299b98982b6bfae171c034 https://hecoinfo.com/tx/0xb386aa95e3f4042479c9985b33da261b24ac926904e69de47605852afa9ba789 https://hecoinfo.com/tx/0xafc7b4d1fb2c0bd1abac9b55cb659a99f2be1ca72371f33070835efd3c17c298 https://hecoinfo.com/tx/0x008b76b8dabc61aeff030cfc27b1a0eaa1698bd7c4b1cbae8ddcfeef7f95adfe https://hecoinfo.com/tx/0xfc4a25e56c69acbf11ddbcbd2270604445782d5182abce06c59c5b4a88ded97b

Burn Detail 292,872 $PIPI were burned https://hecoinfo.com/tx/0x2ace13d59

On April 17th, The Second Round of Co-mining: Pippi Finance X HOO X TokenPocket

Stake $SHIB$USDT LP to earn $PIPI

Stake $DOGE$USDT LP to earn $PIPI

III. Community Update

  • Twitter: 2,628
  • English Telegram Group: 7,462
  • Chinese Telegram Group: 907

About Pippi Finance

Pippi Finance is a DEX and Automatic Market-making Mechanism (AMM) project driven by the Heco, which allows everyone to exchange various Heco tokens efficiently and securely.

· Pippi Website

· Pippi Finance Twitter and Telegram Channel (For the latest news)

· Pippi Finance Medium (For the latest articles)

· English Telegram Community: English and 中文

· Pippi Finance GitHub (For the full set of code)

· Pippi Finance WeChat: Lichenpp



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