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Pippi Finance Weekly Report#8(May 13th — May 19th)

I. Pippi Finance Update

TVL: $48,035,344

Total PIPI Supply: 28,093,624

Distributed Market Value: $13,046,212

Total PIPI Burned Since Launch: 15,014,655

Current Pippi Farm: 26 Pairs

Pippi Farm: https://app.pippi.finance/farms

Current xPIPI Pool: Stake xPIPI to get 3airdrop tokens

xPIPI Pool: https://app.pippi.finance/xpipi


Liquidity: $50,144,214

Volume: $16,773,397

PippiSwap Info: https://info.pippi.finance/home

Pippi NFT

Remaining NFT: 941

Get your first Pippi NFT: https://app.pippi.finance/nft

II. Market Update

  • Pippi IDO — KIWI Monry

On May 15th, Pippi Finance’ first IDO project has started. As of 11pm, April 15th, SGT, Pippi Finance’s first IDO project has over raised 7 times!

The ordinary pool has reached 6,608,719USDT, with an over-raising ratio of 881.16%, and the Punk pool has reached 476,988USDT, with an over-raising ratio of 190.79%.

As a result, Pippi Finance’s first IDO Kiwi Money successfully concluded, over raised 20 times. The total locked funds reached 20,006,670 USDT. Now KWI-USDT mining and xPIPI Pool airdrops have been started simultaneously.

Check the burning PIPI here: https://hecoinfo.com/tx/0x3ab13f161b1f1304946cb3d04cca8cc986afcc038e535a776ed725a3c91068ca

  • Pippi Finance Weekly Burn Announcement

Pippi Finance weekly burn 1,071,775PIPI.

Check the transaction hash here: https://hecoinfo.com/tx/0x373f3414c76257b0173298838ce61757e2187928632f8776ad26396f4ecafeb5

III. Community Update

On May 13th, Pippi Finance Operation team has held the community volunteer plan. The community incentive Plan is welcomes all the Pippi Finance fans, we will give certain rewards to members who have made great contributions to the community. This plan also aims to attract more outstanding volunteers in the blockchain industry to join Pippi Finance Community, participate in community maintenance, market promotion, etc.

● Twitter: 2,981

● English Telegram Group: 9,008

● Chinese Telegram Group: 1,324

About Pippi Finance

Pippi Finance is a DEX and Automatic Market-making Mechanism (AMM) project driven by the Heco, which allows everyone to exchange various Heco tokens efficiently and securely.

· Pippi Website

· Pippi Finance Twitter and Telegram Channel (For the latest news)

· Pippi Finance Medium (For the latest articles)

· English Telegram Community: English and 中文

· Pippi Finance GitHub (For the full set of code)

· Pippi Finance WeChat:




A democratized AMM & yield farm on HECO

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Pippi Finance-the next evolution DeFi exchange on HECO.

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