Pirate Chain (ARRR) — CITEX/Graviex Situation

Pirate Chain
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1 min readFeb 26, 2021


Dear Pirates,
We are advising our community to NOT use CITEX and Graviex exchanges to trade ARRR at this time. Both exchanges’ wallets have been offline for a long time. We highly recommend directing all questions regarding exchange wallets to the exchanges themselves. We share your frustration but the ARRR team has no control over the exchange wallets.

We have provided all the necessary information and have offered 1-on-1 guidance to both exchanges to get their wallets back up and running. As with our practice of supporting all exchanges listing ARRR, we will continue our efforts and offers to assist both CITEX and Graviex until their wallets are back online.

The Graviex team has been unresponsive to our repeated attempts at contacting them. In the past two months, they have shown no interest in fixing the ARRR wallet. Furthermore, the Graviex team has been unprofessionally blaming our blockchain code as an excuse for their inability to manage the wallet. Nonetheless, we will continue reaching out to them and offering our support.

The CITEX team initially showed some interest in fixing the ARRR wallet. However, as of late they have been unresponsive to our messages. The last reply from them indicated that their technical team has sorted everything out regarding the wallet and is awaiting other departments before enabling deposits/withdrawals again. The ARRR team will continue to reach out to them.

-Pirate Chain Team