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8 min readMay 2, 2019
This ship keeps sailing on, getting stronger and building a crew like no other!

Piratechain has had quite a busy month! I originally wanted to write this as a summary of what we have done in 2019. There is just so much that has happened this month alone that I would find it hard to keep your attention long enough to get it all out. We will try to do these monthly now so we can have a running record of accomplishments, so let’s get started!

- Integration -

Getting our project info out on the web and integrated into as many sites as possible isn’t as simple as it might seem. There are always items that get missed or overlooked. Our team has been working hard to correct everything from spelling errors on the newly launched website to supply reporting issues on sites like www.coinpaprika.com .

  • www.Coinpaprika.com — Now lists the correct supply for pirate and subsequently, our place in the market, which is now #486 and moving up every day!!!
Coinpaprika is a newer CMC competitor
  • Delta Direct — PirateChain is now setup to release updates to users on this application. If you use Delta to track your portfolio, visit our coin page and allow notifications to receive our most important news and updates.
Scroll down on the Pirate coin stats page to find the toggle switch for notifications for $ARRR
  • Blockfolio Signals — If you prefer to use Blockfolio, you can also visit our page on this app now to allow notifications of our recent news and important updates. These two apps will be a great source of news in the months ahead as Seko takes the helm on releasing project news.
Click the menu buttons and scroll down to find Signals, and request $ARRR signals to be sent!
  • Luxor Mining Pools — We always welcome new mining pools to the fray. The more spread the hashrate is, the stronger the network becomes. This month, thanks to VoskCoin, we had Luxor Mining add a Pirate and Komodo mining pool. Thank you very much Vosk and Luxor for helping to offer this beautifully designed pool interface to our users.
Visit https://mining.luxor.tech/statistics and choose Pirate from the drop down on the top of the page.
  • www.escodex.com — We have a new bitshares gateway to trade on. For those who are struggling with KYC compliance on CryptoBridge, you can trade on Escodex now. Being a bitshares bridge, your accounts are all the same across this platform. Stay tuned for a trading competition launching next week with a Prize pool of 50,000 ARRR!
You may be familiar with this interface from www.escodex.com
  • www.Citex.co.kr — This was probably the most exciting random news all month. The exchange Citex posted on their twitter account that they were opening trading and launching an $ARRR giveaway to users along side of it. No one from our team spoke to Citex, reached out, negotiated a listing or paid a listing fee. To us this is a strong sign that the project value is being noticed and we hope to see more exchanges follow suit. Their twitter account completed the raffle and the winners have been announced. Thank you to Citex for this great surprise!
15,000 $ARRR was given to Citex users as a promotion driven on their own accord!

- Development -

  • “Achievment unlocked — View a Sapling Viewkey” — Our Pirate Queen Jane Mercer is a former zcash developer. This gave her an edge this past month when trying to sniff out the zcash viewing keys for sapling. It has been nearly a year and zcash has yet to release this utility. We could no longer wait and the hunt was on.
    It didn’t take Jane long to figure out the solution which she communicated with the rest of the devs. A zcash contributor released a very limited git on the code. With an unfinished pull request and no real place to start, Jane went to work. After about a week, with some small modifications, she appears to be able to have these implemented soon in a future fork. The BIGGER news is that this opens up the doors to many formerly “impossible” things for pirate such as Atomic swaps. In short, this is huge for Pirate. We still have a lot of work to do here but it’s a first step when we couldn’t find the stairway before.
    Three cheers for the Pirate Queen Jane! Hip hip, Hooray!
  • Mobile wallet — Last month, zcash released a very limited git on their lite reference wallet code. With no readme file and no real place to start, Jane went to work, and after about a week solved the back end steps to setup a Pirate compatible mobile wallet. Now she will be working with Android and iOS devs to bring this wallet soon to android and iPhones! If you have any skill in iOS or Android dev, reach out to @radix42 in Discord. I suspect we still need another couple months to make a slick useable product, but the developers on this project continue to inspire, surprise and amaze me.
  • Full node safety and security — At the end of March, beginning of April, Jane was fiddling around with a www.nodl.it box I had sent her to work on fixing the KMD full node port and to add asset chains. This would allow pirate users to run transactions through your own secure full node. In a few short days, working mostly on her own, she not only ported KMD and ARRR, she also had XMR, ZEC, PIVX all done in a matter of days. This certainly is a testament to the quality product the Nodl team put out. If you wish to purchase a unit, use this link and it will support Jane’s work. In addition, she has an info and donation page, which she mostly live on, so please feel free to show support if you appreciate the work!
    In the next few months, she will be releasing a smaller more compact machine housed inside it’s own pirate chest! Safety and security are our priority, but who says you can’t look good while doing it?
    Jane will have these done soon in conjunction with the team at @CryptoCloaks. Thank you for your support guys!
The team at https://thecryptocloak.com/ will help you with any specific needs. Thanks for the support!

- Horizon -

As we look ahead, the ocean is vast with MANY directions to travel. We will always keep our core value of privacy at heart before heading to a new destination.

  • Lite Wallet — I would like to think that we will have this done in the next 2 months, and possibly, complete yet another crypto z address first achievement in a long list of them, a TRUE lite mobile wallet.
  • Tortuga — While it didn’t come about as planned, we believe that users will in fact be much happier with this iteration. Trading is done wallet to wallet, with no custodian in between. Escrow conditions are met through the trade or funds are returned. This simple swap platform will help many new project which find themselves unlisted, to be able to provide users a safe haven to trade and be protected in their offers through the code. Tortuga will be 100% functional on desktop and mobile.
  • Pirate Notary Services — We are running for 3 Komodo Notary Nodes. Learn more about them here. This push for the nodes will give support to our development team as well as support to the Komodo ecosystem and the Notary Node network. This push is multifacted as explained below:
  • First and foremost, the funding for the Pirate project provided by the notary rewards will be invaluable to continued developer rewards and integration costs.
  • Secondly, MrLynch has learned so much about the KMD ecosystem during this testnet period and has consistently held the top test node position the past week, after working his way up, starting late at around #10. He enjoys it so much, he even quit his day job to pursue the work as a full time Pirate developer.
  • Third, the rewards we receive from the nodes will also support other projects in the ecosystem such as KMDLabs whose developers helped a lot during the inception of Piratechain.

Please take a moment to download the newest Agama 0.3.5 to see and send your vote tokens. Our addresses top send the vote tokens to can all be found at https://notary.pirate.black and the EU/NA battles have been the most fierce. If you need any assistance to learn how to send your tokens, please reach out to our team in discord.

- Closing -

Thank you for making it this far, if you have it means you are really interested in the project. I assure you that we will continue to try our best to maintain and create easy ways for you to preserve your privacy! Your efforts and desires to support our project are much appreciated and we hope you all continue to do so.

Stay tuned for more to come from our dedicated team.

Sail on me hearties and remember, staying interested and investing in financial privacy is not financial advice, it is a necessity.

FishyGuts in true Pirate form!

For more on our project visit https://pirate.black

This story was written by FishyGuts @2ndoldest on Twitter@FishyGuts#5085 on discord. He is one of the captains on the pirate ship of privacy, PirateChain. $ARRR is a privacy coin with 100% private peer to peer sends only. No outside user activity will compromise your privacy or activity on the chain. We are always glad to talk about the project so please reach out!

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