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Jun 22 · 17 min read
Pirate Chain $ARRR is all about privacy and nothing about piracy.

We’re often asked to provide a short description about our project. People want to know what were doing, why were doing it and of course how we are doing it. It’s hard to do shortly because there are so many great perspectives to what we are creating.

Below you will find a collection of excerpts from articles, users and developers talking about the project. There is a list of Videos, podcasts and more at the bottom of this list as well as all of our social media links.

Feel free to use any of the material below when writing about PirateChain.
This will be constantly added to and updated so check back frequently.

Using this material for other articles, as much of our material relates to privacy and zcash protocol in general, is perfectly acceptable, we simply request that you please quote the source or author.


From recent listing announcements/submissions:

Pirate Chain $ARRR and it’s protocol is considered to be the strongest privacy protocol by experts working on the top cryptographic privacy projects. Pirate uses zk-snarks technology on ALL of the peer to peer sends on the network providing foolproof privacy for all users. This has created the largest shielded private pool of funds of any Zcash project, including Zcash itself!
Pirate has innovated since inception and drawn the map for privacy through z address integration across the ecosystem. From fully private wallets and private mining pools to private exchange deposits/withdraws, private ecommerce checkouts and more, we welcome you to join us on this voyage to reclaim our financial privacy and freedom!

Privacy tends to be taken for granted. It is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. There is nothing nefarious about this. Thank you for supporting basic human rights.

From community members:

I’m writing to inform you of a privacy coin that is growing every day and has actual use cases (you can even buy things from online stores with it already)! The name of this coin? Pirate Chain. While some who don’t know about it may shrug it off as something silly, others who do know about it know that it’s a dead serious privacy coin that is more secure, fungible and private than any other coin on the market while being easy to use. Here’s the breakdown:

Privacy: Utilizes zk-SNARKs for the best privacy in the market

Fungibility: Only allows private send transactions, making it a 99.99% shielded transaction blockchain

Security: Secured by Komodo’s DPow system, making a 51% attack virtually impossible.

Speed: Activated Sapling before ZCash, making the transaction times for their shielded transactions ultra fast and using less space

Shop with it: With plugins for Wordpress & Shopify and more releasing weekly, you can easily accept it in many online stores.

The Pirate Chain community itself is extremely loyal and does everything it can to help see the project succeed, whether it be marketing, writing articles, pulling other developers to join or approaching shops to get them to accept Pirate Chain. The entire community understands that privacy is of the utmost importance and Pirate Chain is second to none in that aspect.

Oh, and here’s the icing on the cake: No Pre-mine, no dev fees, and the main team of developers are people who truly want to not only see it succeed, but want true privacy as well like James Lee, the lead developer of Komodo; Grewalsatinder, another Komodo developer; Jane Mercer, a developer for ZCash, Duke Leto, a developer for Hush, the list goes on and on. The “moral compass”, who goes by the name “FishyGuts”, is one person anyone would want to guide and support their project. A devoted and marketing/networking guru, he has helped Pirate Chain focus on the goals at hand and gotten the project further, faster than anyone anticipated. All in all, this is the best Privacy coin to date, and would be an absolute mistake to disregard.

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Pirate Chain. Unforgettable Name + The Most Private Cryptocurrency.

Privacy (the most valuable personal resource), in its purest monetary form, is Pirate Chain.

We’re reclaiming personal financial privacy with Pirate Chain

Ahoy! Let’s get right to it. This is tale about a cryptocurrency called Pirate Chain (ARRR). You likely haven’t heard of it (yet), but if you have, you might have thought it to be another meme/joke cryptocurrency (Much wow! Such Doge!). While the name might seem silly, it’s incredibly memorable, and after it grabs your attention and you learn about it, you realize it has some serious tech and developers behind it.

We believe people’s privacy is now a commodity to many companies, organizations, and governments. With the end goal being to monetize and/or track as much of a person’s personal and private information as possible, we believe in creating tools to reclaim that privacy. This is where Pirate Chain comes in. YARRR! It’s a totally private cryptocurrency, unlike most “private” cryptocurrencies with optional privacy.

Privacy By Default (The Most Private)

Whereas many other “privacy” coins have optional privacy features, PirateChain (ARRR) is a 100% private send cryptocurrency. ZK-Snarks technology (zero-knowledge cryptography) is utilized to completely shield peer to peer transactions. This means that transactions are 100% private all the time.

An Incredibly Secure Blockchain

51% attacks and double spends are protected against by deploying Komodo’s delayed Proof of Work (dPoW). This is achieved by attaching a backup of Pirate Chain to the Bitcoin Blockchain. This is highly effective, because in order to 51% attack Pirate Chain, you first have to 51% attack Bitcoin (good luck!). Hostile takeovers and double spends are rendered nearly impossible, if not completely impossible thanks to these security measures.

Ready For Payments

Pirate Chain already has an existing payment gateway (Wordpress & Shopify plugins) that is ready to be integrated. There are already several successful e-commerce integrations working today with more being developed weekly.

Massive Growing Community

Pirate Chain is a community-driven project that is growing at rapid rates. The discord server alone has already surpassed 3,300 members and more than that on Twitter. The members of the community are highly excited, motivated, and love being a part of a grassroots cryptocurrency project.

In Conclusion

There are many other exciting things happening with Pirate Chain right now. ARRR currently has the 3rd highest hashrate of coins utilizing the Equihash algorithm. That puts it just behind giants like Zcash and Horizen. The value of the currency has risen dramatically in the past few months as the project has gained traction and as the block rewards went through their first halvening. There was no ICO, IEO, or presale. There is no dev reward/fee. This project 100% community backed and organic.

Visit our website for more info —

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Have you ever asked a question: Is the payment information about my purchases private and secure?

If you ask that question, then most people would automatically associate it with something nefarious. But think about it for a moment. How much do we really tell about ourselves and our habits, just by making our everyday purchases? Digital money becomes more and more common all over the world and with the obvious convenience, there is also the dark side.

All the leaks and scandals that have surfaced regarding the (mis)use of private information of social networking platforms, will pale in comparison to what we are going to see, when payment information gets added to the mix.

But the situation is far from hopeless!

I’m talking about cryptocurrencies that use truly private transactions, that cannot be analyzed (or even seen!) by third parties. The best known is of course Monero (XMR), but there is also a project called Pirate Chain (ARRR), which began as a true grassroots initiative by Komodo Platform community.

Pirate Chain (ARRR) uses zk-SNARK technology with requisite shielded addresses and in addition to having its own miners, it’s also backed by Bitcoin hashrate using Komodo platform Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW).

For more in-depth information please read Pirate Chain whitepaper:

Or if you are curious about dPoW, you can read more about it here:

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

In light of the revelation of numerous data breaches and Facebook’s mishandling of personal information, many today would agree that our current generation has lost the war on personal data privacy. PirateChain is a cryptocurrency project designed with the mission to protect financial privacy, and we would like to invite you to join us in our movement.

As you know, the marketcap leaders of the privacy sector are ZCash and Monero. ZCash is a pioneer cryptocurrency that employs the current state-of-the-art cryptography of “Zero-Knowledge proofs” in their Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge (ZK-SNARK) algorithm. Zero-knowledge proofs validate the truth of something without revealing how that truth is known or sharing the content of this truth with the verifier. Hence, when applying Zero-knowledge proofs to cryptocurrency, transactions can be validated without revealing any information about the sender’s address, the transaction amount or the receiver’s address.

However, less than 1% of ZCash transactions daily use shielded addresses. This creates a vulnerability for users that desire privacy, the other 99% of unshielded transactions are data points for chain analysis allowing inquisitive parties to decipher the 1% of private transactions. By allowing privacy features to be optional, ZCash, has created an environment of transparent-shielded-transparent transactions. This significantly undermines the efforts of users desiring private transactions. In the past 9 months, Pirate has reached an average daily shielded transaction count more than 20x that of zcash.

Optional privacy is no privacy.

Monero uses RingCT/RingSig to confuse any inquisitor of sender and transaction. The algorithm combines the input from 7 transactions and mixes them up. While mathematically complex, this “smoke-and-mirrors” method is not untraceable. The main factor that gives XMR the role of privacy sector marketcap leader is the fact that its privacy is non-optional, all addresses and transactions are by default, private only.

Up until now, there is no perfect privacy cryptocurrency, not a single offering in the market is close to ideal. We would like to introduce Pirate Chain.

Pirate Chain ($ARRR) is a cryptocurrency designed to be the best at one feature — Privacy. Block time is approximately 60 seconds, reward halving will occur every 388,885 blocks or about 270 days, and the total ARRR numbering just under 200 million.

Pirate Chain possesses the best features of ZCash’s, ZK-SNARK, and Monero’s, default privacy enforcement. All ARRR addresses are by default shielded z-addresses only, as are all transactions by default z-transactions only. This means that the balance of every address is not visible to anyone else beside the user. The transactions also cannot be tracked as there is no trace of the transaction. The developers have also enabled interaction with the Tor network to further secure privacy of the user’s IP address.

Hence, for the first time, the algorithm of ARRR allows a cryptocurrency where it is impossible to know or track who sent a transaction, how much the transaction amount is, and who received the transaction. Add to that, no one can see the balances of the addresses and thus, this creates the perfect anonymous currency.

Privacy is not Pirate Chain’s only outstanding feature. Pirate Chain is also secured by Bitcoin’s network using delayed Proof of Work (dPOW). ARRR secures its blockchain via Komodo’s 64 elected Notary Nodes that notarize transactions and embedding them into Bitcoin’s network in a delayed manner.

As you can see, Pirate Chain is for all essential purposes the perfect Privacy-centric Cryptocurrency by being absolutely and incomparably private, while at the same time undeniably secure in this sector.

Our discord and telegram channels are rapidly expanding and very active. We look forward to discussing potential articles to educate your readers about personal financial privacy and avenues of sharing knowledge about Pirate Chain. We hope that you will be able to join us in this movement to spread financial privacy.

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Like sailors of old, those of us navigating the high seas of the crypto world have had to adapt to a rapidly changing environment: rogue waves, storms, doldrums, pirates and treasures. Here in 2019, one can easily forget crypto’s roots with all the flashy distractions from large ICO’s, nauseating CNBC coverage, and a flood of cheeseball corporate marketing. Yet amid all this noise, the very core of crypto, the vision originally dreamed of in Bitcoin’s whitepaper is still alive and stronger than ever. This vision was to create an online currency free from government and institutional pressure, an independent and private currency operating outside of normal financial regulations. One area where this is most observable is in the evolution of privacy coins. Pirate Chain is the newest iteration in this evolution, what follows are the reasons why this is a project worth keeping a close eye on.

There is no more denying that privacy is a much bigger issue than just a way for criminals to hide. From the subtle yet incredible influence that Facebook and Google’s algorithms have on the information we see, to the events at Cambridge Analytica that showed us that massive-scale data harvesting can be utilized to literally steer entire populations like cattle by the highest bidder. Where we spend our money reveals as much about us as the words we speak. With the world quickly evolving to rely more and more on the internet, an example easily highlighted by the retail apocalypse underway in the US, having private methods to transact online will be an essential element to keeping the expanding data/surveillance industry from eroding our individual and collective sovereignty.

Enter Pirate Chain.

Despite the humorous ticker ($ARRR), Pirate Chain is gaining popularity as a very serious crypto privacy project. With so many new currencies and privacy coins, one might ask with a bit of a yawn “what makes pirate any more special?” The reality is that no other project out there can guarantee people’s privacy in the face of a rapidly advancing chain analytics industry like Pirate Chain can.

Pirate is the most private cryptocurrency to date:

Its blockchain is completely invisible using 100% zk-snark transactions for every transaction. This means ARRR is future-proofed to advancements in the well funded chain-analytics sector, which other coins, like Zcash, are already compromised by, or have to continuously add features to stay ahead of, like Monero does. With Pirate, the data that chain analysis operations could use to deanonymize transactions at any point in the future is all completely hidden…..there is simply no data to analyze. It is this one simple fact that sets Pirate Chain above all others in terms of its real privacy.

Any privacy coin with public and private tx’s is vulnerable to chain analysis:

As it stands now, most users of these coins use public transactions, which researchers have proven to show us that it is fairly simple to heuristically de-anonymize the private transactions when this is the case. Private in theory is different than private in practice, and what we have learned in the relatively small amount of time that privacy coins have existed is that the public/private ledger system doesn’t work. An up to date analysis of Zcash vs Pirate shows that Pirate’s anonymity set is 30x bigger than Zcash, even though ZEC has a much larger marketcap and is years older….this is not something to bat an eye at.

Privacy via RingCT and other mixers is a cat and mouse game with chainanalysis:

Just because something is private now, doesn’t mean it will be private in the future. When you have a public ledger of all transactions, developments in chain analysis tech can potentially break the complicated webs of tx’s created by RingCT and coinjoin transactions that people are promising are private now. This has already happened with Monero, in that most transactions made previous to 2017 have been de-anonymized, making them no less private than if they had used BTC. Privacy users need something they can feel safe won’t get cracked in the future, and the fully private ledger in Pirate Chain is that solution.

Pirate is as secure against 51% attacks as Bitcoin:

This is because the chain is secured through Komodo’s dPoW which secures the Pirate blockchain by uploading it to the BTC blockchain every ten minutes. As we have seen over the years many other pure PoW coins have been easily 51% attacked because of the relatively low funds needed to do so. Other privacy PoW projects are spending a lot of development effort to battle large mining operations and their ASIC’s in order to ensure the chain’s security and decentralization.

Behind the quickly moving developments on Pirate Chain is a world class team and a rapidly improving Komodo ecosystem both of which are committed to making it a serious contender for the top privacy coin. It also is non-ICO, no premine, no founder fee, and community driven. This means there aren’t a big stash of OG coins waiting to dump on your head at any moment. Pirate is also ready for online merchant payments with a customized wordpress plugin gateway, further reducing the need for middle men and creating real pathways for true p2p online commerce that is as close to exchanging physical cash as it gets.

ARRR you curious yet? There are plenty of articles that go into more depth, so go forth and discover for yourself why Pirate is pioneering the privacy seas and fulfilling the vision that has been at the heart of cryptocurrency’s popularity and success from the very beginning.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Quotes and stories about Privacy

Zk-snarks technology is favored by Edward Snowden as the top privacy cryptocurrency protocol. PirateChain is the ONLY crypto that uses zk-snarks to shield the 100% of the users activity by default. The project employs private mining, wallets, exchanges, applications and ecommerce solutiuons for the full spectrum of privacy coverage. All of these tasks have been accomplished before Zcash, the leading project that employs zk-snarks. Zcash has optional privacy which really ruins the protocol for other users as now, even as non-nefarious as their intentions are, those looking in will often assume the worst. With 100% of the sends being private, users are well protected from this inference. Other top projects like Monero also acknowledge that a 100% z to z transaction chain is in fact the most private protocol we have to date.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Privacy is important. It is a basic human right. Without it, even art and creativity is stifled. If I gave someone an instrument they didn’t know how to play, and asked them to play in front 10,000 people, most people wouldn’t. It is with privacy, that they can feel confident to play alone while learning until they want to share with 1 person, and then 10 people, and finally 10,000 people.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

If you aren’t doing anything wrong and have nothing to hide, and privacy is only for nefarious people, then I am sure those same people would be fine sharing with me all their medical records, personal data, bank records, spending habits and passwords to emails and phones? If privacy doesn’t matter, and they have nothing to hide, please, by all means, leave the door open to the bathroom stall at work next time you go, or the bedroom door open when being intimate with your spouse. All these things sound crazy but they are all things we deserve as a basic human right.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

When you walk into a retailer and pay for an item, you are afforded a certain simple level of privacy. They don’t know how much money you have and you don’t know how much money they have. This has been the standard for literally millenia. Why should this change as we move towards a new version of the economic model of digital currency being used for barter and trade?

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Privacy should not be diluted. Not through similar forks or claims that “full” transparency” is needed. Viewkeys can be used to share your info when you wish, with whomever you wish. We are forked from, but very different from Zcash. We do not believe that using the same chain (or any chain for that matter) to make transparent transactions is in the best interest for users who wish to keep their financial transactions and metadata to themselves.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Bear with me as i am Storyboarding on you.

All has turned suspiciously quiet around you.

Your heartbeat is irregular.

Since most of the countries around the world have reared their control-freak faces you haven’t had a sinus curve anyway.

But you manage to subdue your worst fears for this moment in time.

But it feels so real. It’s been a though game all around. Who would have foreseen that they used the 5G Network Deployment as a weapon against us.

To influence our willpower and our very thoughts.

You put down your sweaty VR-Gear and realize, you are in the future.

Cash-Money has been forbidden long ago.

CreditCard Companies only accept these creepy UnderSkin-Health-ID-Implants for payments, which you haven’t gotten.

They didnt want to add to your obvious heart problems. You’ve been in luck.

On the other hand you always had someone to help you to even get some groceries for you, because you werent able to pay the cashier of any kind of store around the neighborhood.

All of a sudden you remember, you started a mobile wallet account some years ago and stashed it away. It must have been back in 2020. Was it really some 20 years ago?

You franticlly search your apartment for your old device. What where these things called back then?

Smartphones. Yes. There it is. Hidden in the boxes full of old, unusable Computer Cables. You start the old noodle and it says on the screen, PiratePay. 100% Pure Privacy.

You start to relax as a warm fuzzy feeling surrounds you. Who would have thought that a payment system with obfuscated addresses on the blockchain could become such a freedom-bringer?


You wake up in your bed all of a sudden realizing it was a dream about the future!

Dare you write about it?

Visit pirate.black for more on the 100% Pure Privacy Payment System.

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Prominent media links, podcasts and video interviews

If you have ANY links you want edited, added or removed, please contact us in discord

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This was written by . He is one of the captains on the pirate ship of privacy, PirateChain. $ARRR is a privacy coin with 100% private peer to peer sends only. No outside user activity will compromise your privacy or activity on the chain. We are always glad to talk about the project so please reach out!

Contributors are ALWAYS welcome so please reach out anytime you have an idea!

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Welcome to the Medium-Blog of PIRATEchain. PIRATE is an independent blockchain built using the Komodo Platform assetchains. The mining algorithm is Equihash PoW. PIRATE (ARRR) is the most shielded coins of all privacy coins. Tor network is supported.


Written by

The most private Zcash fork — 99.99% shielded funds with double spend protection from dPoW. https://Pirate.Black


Welcome to the Medium-Blog of PIRATEchain. PIRATE is an independent blockchain built using the Komodo Platform assetchains. The mining algorithm is Equihash PoW. PIRATE (ARRR) is the most shielded coins of all privacy coins. Tor network is supported.

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