PIRATEchain — Why we need anonymity

The blockchain technology will prevail, so will the privacy coins

Independent, secure and anonymous blockchain

Let’s go back a few years. The Bitcoin protocol is published and the first digital coins are in circulation. The intention is freedom, security and privacy, an Internet currency that is fast and secure. You don’t just want to trust the banks, you want to trust mathematics.

Bitcoin and subsequently the other crypto currencies have revolutionised the financial market, even if it is still a tough battle. We have to get away from the idea of becoming a millionaire with crypto. We should take much more care of the thought Satoshi Nakamoto and Co. had. It wasn’t primarily about making money, but about creating a currency that was decentralized, secure and anonymous.

Bitcoin is a decentralized and secure currency, but unfortunately not as anonymous as many believe. In the beginning it was easy for the user to get and use Bitcoin anonymously. Meanwhile it has become more difficult. Through the Know-Your-Customer principle, central stock exchanges collect personal data. Meanwhile there are companies that have developed solutions to draw conclusions from the user. These companies already work together with public authorities and institutions.

Bitcoin has a weak point in the protocol, namely the transparency of transactions. Anyone can track transactions and draw conclusions about purchased goods or services, as well as volumes and identities.

But Bitcoin & Co. is not only used by criminals, but by ordinary people who want to protect their privacy. It is nobody’s business how much money you have and to whom you send your money. Data protection is a human right.

Companies hoard personal data and other companies use this data. This must stop!

“ We are seeing how companies hoard and abuse data everyday, so it is only natural that consumers push back and claim some privacy back. We hope we can help educate the FSA so it doesn’t make a mistake such as banning Dash.” Chief Marketing Officer of Dash.

PRIVACY Coins are a reaction to data abuse

In recent years, the technology of Privacy Coins has been continuously improved. Only recently, PIRATE was developed, an anonymous coin that inherited the technology of the Komodo Platform. Komodo programs blockchain solutions and focuses, among other things, on security and privacy.

PIRATEchain is a completely anonymous blockchain and cryptocurrency.

More information on pirate.black

Privacy not Piracy

Governments are a thorn in the side of cryptocurrencies, but governments know that blockchain technology is real and crypto is unstoppable. Governments, however, do not want to give up power, which is why they are grateful for the transparency in the Bitcoin protocol. All the greater is the focus now on privacy coins.

“There are many legitimate reasons to want privacy in the cryptocurrency space,” said Fernando Gutierrez, Dash’s chief marketing officer.

But the authorities are shooting at it and criminalizing it. It can therefore be assumed that governments want to ban privacy coins, but they cannot stop decentralised cryptocurrencies. A ban would certainly be realistic and it is certainly conceivable that central exchanges would be forced to stop trading privacy coins. But the future lies in decentralisation, in decentralised peer-to-peer exchange via a decentralised exchange, such as BarterDEX, for example.

This makes privacy coins such as PIRATE, a cryptocurrency that combines the advantages of decentralized payments with anonymity, all the more important.

Privacy is a right that must spread to all parts of our existence

Can we completely free ourselves from centralisation, from companies and authorities that use and abuse our data? Where does this path lead us and where does this struggle lead us? The coming years will show this, but the start has been made. Cryptocurrencies exist and privacy is becoming more and more important.

With PIRATE the sails are set, the ship is at sea! Ahoy pirates!

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