The First Sapling-Only Privacy Chain is Here

Full speed ahead - read further to know what to do after the 15th of December

Get ready for Sapling on the 15th of December

PIRATE (ARRR) is an assetchain (independent blockchain) out of the Komodo ecosystem making it based on Zcash tech. Zcash uses specific zero-knowledge proofs called zk-SNARKs (zero-knowledge succinct non-interactive arguments of knowledge) which allow transaction data to be validated without revealing ANY information about the amount and the parties involved.

Pirate is now adopting the latest Zcash tech with its own twist: Sapling-only.

Pirate is unique in that it only allows Sapling-shielded addresses to be used among users other than notary nodes and mining pools for receiving block rewards. Where Zcash still allows 4 different types of transactions amongst users, allows Pirate only Sapling shielded to Sapling shielded transactions, making sure that exchanges do not run into processing problems and the chain runs as efficient as possible. Furthermore, Pirate is secured by delayed Proof-of-Work making it the most secure 100% private cryptocurrency around as of today.

Current Zcash technology used in Pirate, called Sprout, is a relative inefficient protocol in which transactions can take a very long time to process. Sapling is a major improvement in the Sprout protocol and we look forward to migrating to Sapling.

What´s new:

  • Block size increase from 2MB to 4MB
  • TX size increase from 100kb to 200kb
  • Z transactions in under a few seconds
  • Low resource usage
  • Sending to 100 addresses simultaneously in one transaction.
  • Higher TPS
  • Full viewing keys allow owners of shielded addresses the ability to view incoming and outgoing transaction details without exposing their private spending key.

Through sapling enable upcoming features:

  • Enabling hardware wallet support
  • Point-of-Sale support
  • Mobile wallet support (after zSPV)

Read here the complete press release and step by step guide about the upcoming Sapling migration process



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