The One where it all started

It all started on that fateful Friday evening of December 23rd, 2016. I had planned for a surprise movie night on Christmas eve for our family reunion. Unfortunately, my parents had already made other plans and I was stuck with 12 tickets that had an expiry period of 48 hours!

Just like any other guy trying to resell his movie tickets, I started posting the ticket details in my WhatsApp groups. No takers. Then I posted the ticket details along with my contact details in Facebook groups. Not only did my inbox get spammed, I ended up with no credible buyers. And in a few hours, my post got bumped down in the group and got lost forever.

As the last resort, I dug up a few ticket resale websites and went through the tedious process of creating accounts and posting my ticket details there. All such websites either had a shitty UI or a complex workflow and were lacking in a user base. As expected, no takers again!

Finally, I posted the tickets in public forums hoping that they’ll be of use to someone if not me.

Surely, there has to be a better way. As web developers, my brother and I decided to develop a ticket resale platform, which would enable users to buy and sell extra movie tickets in a simple & efficient manner. That’s how it all started.