Pirl Monthly Overview — June 2019

Jul 10 · 4 min read


  • PirlChat

PirlChat is a fully encrypted end to end messaging system that utilizes the Pirl blockchain. This past month we have been working on the back-end of the dApp for the next beta version. The framework has been built, there will be new upgrades/features in the next beta version. Be on the lookout for group messaging and a tip option in the next update. We have completed a one pager for PirlChat that will be released when the app is ready.

  • PirlEx / PirlPay

Pirls new fiat gateway will be the main focal piece in the the Pirl network. The idea is to be able to easily purchase Pirl though our own app. (PirlPay) This app will function much like CoinBase. The creation of PirlPay will facilitate the user experience and will make it extremely easy for users to purchase Pirl.

  • What to mine

After many months of being off the application, Pirl is back on WhatToMine.com. WTM is a website where miners can calculate how profitable different coins are to mine. WTM is a great website that gets a lot of daily traffic.


  • Beaxy

As everyone is aware Pirl was announced to list on Beaxy on their third listing round. As of right now, we don’t know when this will happen. This is huge for the Pirl community! We’re very excited about this one. Stay tuned as we will keep the community informed.

  • CryptoBridge

We have been listed on CryptoBridge. CryptoBridge is a gateway to decentralized trading. You can sign up here https://wallet.crypto-bridge.org/ . As it stands right now there are 6 different trading pairs available. BTC,USDT,ETH,LTC,RVN,BTS.

  • Pirl Fork

Pirl successfully forked on block 3911500. The reason for the fork was because over 7 million coins were caught up in the Cryptopia hack. The development team introduced the carbon vote to the Pirl community. The carbon vote gave the Pirl community the option to vote on what action they thought should take place.https://pirlvote.com/#/ For more up to date information on Cryptopia situation visit. https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/

  • New promotion video

@wracle has created a new video about Pirls infrastructure and how everything works together. It’s a great visual representation of what’s going on in Pirl ecosystem. You can check the video out on our website. www.pirl.io There will be many more videos to come from the Pirl team.

  • Coin Market Cap

It has been brought to our attention, thanks to community member @noobspeak, that Coin market cap has added CryptoBridge to their market. We’re very pleased to see our market grow. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/pirl/#markets

  • New website

The team is in the process of working on the website. There will be a lot of UX/UI upgrades. We have outsourced some of the website so the dev team can focus on Pirl. The new website will help new users understand what’s going on in the Pirl environment. Everything will be easy to find. There will be user-friendly videos explaining our product and we will have a new bot attached that will help users navigate their way around Pirl.


  • PirlChat

The new Beta will be out sometime this summer. The dev team has enabled group chat and a tipping option. The new framework has been built.

  • PirlEx/PirlPay

PirlEx and PirlPay have also received a lot of attention from the development team. We’re working on a fiat gateway this has been a major task for the development team over the past couple of months a lot of back end paperwork is involved. You will be able to buy Pirl with USD or Euro using our own app.

  • Poseidon

Poseidon received an infrastructural and performance update. People may have noticed a dip in payouts for masternodes. This has been fixed and resolved. Payouts are back to normal. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

  • Mobile wallet

As you may have seen in the discord dev channel. The team is currently working on a mobile wallet. There will be more information on this to come in the future.

  • JackBOT

Pirl will implement a bot that will help the community find there way around the pirl landscape. Also, a bot like this should cut down on the number of questions that the team gets giving the team more time to develop. The bot will be present on most of the pirls applications.

Have a happy and productive July!

Best Regards,

The Pirl Team

Discord: https://discord.gg/z4faFxD


Pirl blockchain Company


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Pirl blockchain Company

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