Do You Know What Your Company’s Horoscope Is?

Do you believe that stars influence your life? Whether you answer yes or no to this question, we all have to admit that astrology has really come a long way. Astrology has expanded and diversified the masses it influences.

Even if you don’t believe in astrology, it is a funny way to think about your personality, what you want to do, or your feelings. In order to study all of these, astrologists recommend using your star map. You can even get your company’s star map and look at the prominent features of your company.

In order to determine your company’s star map, you start by taking into consideration either the company establishment date, the date of commencement of business, or the date of issue of the first contract. There is another factor you can use to determine your company’s star map: a combination of the employees’ star maps. It’s a more holistic approach to base the horoscope of your company on the aggregated sum of your workers’ horoscopes. And this is exactly what we did here for Pisano.

Pisano is a software company that prepares real-time digital surveys to measure customer experiences. The company was founded in 2014 by 4 cofounders; today it is a family of 16 people. As a part of the company’s culture, each employee is personally invested in different contribution channels. And as one of the biggest factors in our success is that every employee grows together with the company. Instead of clashing with different personalities around us, we harmonize and continue to develop the company’s culture.

According to the given basic characteristics of Pisano family (we call ourselves “Pisanos”) above, these three horoscopes are in the forefront. Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Cancer. These three prominent horoscopes highlight Pisano culture perfectly.

Love of Learning

Love of learning is a particular feature of Sagittarius side of us, Pisanos. Pisano culture is always self-evolving and it’s about never being afraid of getting your hands dirty. Pisano creates confidence in its clients with its hard working nature. This is how we are able to create many success stories with our clients. Besides, thanks to our Sagittarius side, the team learns from mistakes, make up for them and go further.

Chasing Innovation

The Aquarius side of Pisanos blends our corporate culture with our pursuit of innovation. The team works continuously to provide better service with feedback from Pisano customers. In doing so, we pay attention to continually supporting customers’ requests with creative methods. Also, our team never hesitates to take bold steps. Expect anything from the team at any moment. Pisanos always chase innovation.

Developing and Growing

The Cancer part in us undeniably contributes a lot to Pisano’s development. A startup needs dedication and effort to grow. These are the key features of Cancer. It is also known that Pisanos are very strong in communication, because we all know that listening is the biggest step for a solution. Our output motto for the Pisano product is “to listen to customers.”

Aside from astrological fun and games, it is a fact that everyone in a team needs to contribute in order to bring out both the team’s and their full potential. What makes a company successful is creating a space where the people of the company can use and realize their potential.