How Do You Host A Perfect Dinner?

We always talk about how you can create a perfect customer experience in your business. Customer experience is a quite abstract term; isn’t it? So we decide to use metaphor to make a precise method of creating an excellent customer experience in any business. The metaphor is hosting a dinner.

Being a dinner host is one of the most difficult kind of business ownerships, because you have an intimate bond with your guests. If they do not like the food, your heart may be broken. Of course, we are exaggerating the situation; however, we want to highlight how hosting a dinner is stressful just like trying to create great customer experience.

July 25 is called “Burns Night”. Burns Night, held in honor of Scotland’s most famous poet Robert Burns, is celebrated at the end of January every year.

The tradition started a few years after the poet’s death in 1796 when his friends commemorated his career on the date of his death (July 21) each year.

So began the Burns Supper, and more than two centuries later it is has become a nationwide event with recitals of the poet’s works and a haggis dinner.

In the honor of Burns Night, we are going to explain our hosting dinner metaphor, because the dinner is the most important part of Burns Night ceremony just as great customer experience is central to customer relations.

Be creative

Don’t give just customer wants. You know them and what else they like. In Burns Night menu, haggis is the king of the dinner. But, the host does not serve only haggis; it is served with turnips and potatoes (neeps and tatties). The haggis, typically carried on a silver salver, is brought in as the diners give a slow standing clap.

You have to be both creative and consistent in your customer experience. There are many ways to say you care about your customers, but showing it is the best way.

Remain aware of senses and emotions

Sharing special moments and emotions empower the connections among people. For example, on Burns Night, the meal is followed by the Immortal Memory toast, in which a guest gives a speech in honor of the great poet. Then a Toast to the Lassies follows, a chance to thank the women cooking the meal. A male diner offers an amusing but complementary take on the role of women in general life, taking in quotes from Burns’s works and referring to women in the group.

Don’t forget to mention how happy you are with your customers. Also, create a channel in which customers can talk and express their gratitude to you. This kind of communication has a mutually positive effect on both sides. The motivation of the staff increases and the customers feel their appreciation is felt.

Have Fun with Customers

Towards the end of Burns Night, toasts are followed by replies from the women. Rest of the evening is full of music, dance and of course, poems of Robert Burns.

Creating an exciting atmosphere in your business makes your brand unforgettable in a positive way. Unforgettable events sets you apart from others in the eyes of your customers. This is how you start to gain new and happy customers.

If you feel your business is your home and your customers are your guests, you can achieve may success stories. Just be comfortable as if you are hosting a dinner party, because your customers are really no different from friendly dinner guests you entertain and get entertained together. This is how our dinner metaphor works, we hope it helps you in creating great customer experiences.

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