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What Makes a Good Peruvian Ceviche?

The National Ceviche Day (June 28) is celebrated every year allowing the realization of different fairs and activities with the aim that more people can taste it.

What is Peruvian Ceviche?

Maybe for foreigners to talk about ceviche sounds strange, but for Peruvians, it is a traditional dish that has more than one presentation. The basic dish is made from raw fish but also serves octopus ceviche, seafood, shrimp, etc.

In addition to the meat, the ceviche has lime, chili pepper (or rocoto), cilantro and onion. The traditional Peruvian Ceviche is served together with parboiled sweet potatoes and toasted corn, although the accompaniment varies according to the area where it is prepared. For example, in some northern cities of Peru are accompanied by zarandaja, boiled potatoes, and fried yuccas, it is worth emphasizing that there is no confusion that the traditional Peruvian Ceviche is only accompanied by sweet potato and roasted corn.

National Ceviche Day How did it come about?

In 2008, the Ministry of Production issued a resolution recognizing June 28 as the National Ceviche Day to be considered a traditional Peruvian food.

This was another step in the recognition of the flag dish that, four years ago, had already been included as part of the National Cultural Heritage.

Since then, every year, they are held in fairs and competitions, on the date, so that people can taste the best Peruvian ceviches in different places in Peru and the world.

Where to eat the best Peruvian Ceviche

The gastronomic offer for ceviches in Peru is wide and is that in the cradle of ceviche cannot miss restaurants specialized in this type of food. There are them for all budgets, from forklift trucks to great restaurants.

Regarding the positions in markets, one revelation is the kitchen of Elí López, who won in 2014 the “Best Market Ceviche” prize awarded by Mistura and who now attends the Polvos Azules Shopping Center.

Among the restaurants, Pedro Solari stands out in Jesús María, one of the icons of the ceviche and who promoted the preparation of raw ceviche with only 7 minutes of lemon cooking. Other geniuses of the ceviche are Javier Wong, who in addition to having his own restaurant in Lima, has two books published that have ceviche as a protagonist; and other Chefs who gave real to our Peruvian Ceviche, inviting it in different ways to be consumed in several countries of the world without losing its traditional cooking of 7 minutes in lemon and salt, being recognized by many fans of it, as the best ceviche of the world, since in different Hispanic countries, they prepare ceviche with their traditions.

As for Pittsburgh PA, we can say that the best Peruvian ceviche is eaten with the Pisko Peruvian Gourmet catering company, using clearly Peruvian products agreed with the Tilapia, which is the only favorable fish to prepare a rich Peruvian ceviche in Pittsburgh.

The Peruvian Ceviche, how to recognize the best

The basis of a good ceviche is fresh fish, although other marine products can also be used as a base. On a plate of Peruvian ceviche cannot miss also, chili, lemon, onion, and salt.
In fish, whatever is fresh is good for ceviche, in addition, different flavors can be achieved using different meats from sea or river fish.

One tip that chefs give is that if you want more cooked meat, use small square cuts of fish, while if you prefer rawer, square cuts should be thicker. It should be noted that thin fillet cuts are only used for Fish Tiraditos but not for traditional Peruvian ceviche.

Aji limo is the favorite chili to accompany the ceviche, but there are those who are encouraged to put Rocoto to give it more itching. As for the lemon it has to be the lemon green of small size, smooth shell, that is to say without porosity since the porous ones do not have juice, and used to the taste, although all advice always to squeeze it instantly and without squeezing a lot so that it does not come out in cooking the bitter of the green lemon peel.

Enjoy the day of Ceviche with a fresh dish! Great for the heat. To pairing and highlight the flavor of this dish, do not forget to accompany it with a glass of pisco sour or an Inca Kola, very cold.



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