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Pisko Creation

By Doris Valdivia (Chef, Pisko Peruvian Gourmet)

Those who have eaten the Peruvian food never forget the taste and know that Peruvian cuisine is recognized as one of the best in the world. It’s known not only for its exquisite taste but also for its variety and ability to incorporate the influence from different times and cultures. The culinary history of the Peruvian food dates back to the Incas and pre-Incas with its corn, potatoes, and spices that later was influenced by the arrival of the Spanish conquerors and different migrations such as the Chinese, European, Indian and Japanese immigrants (mainly throughout the 19th century).

Peruvian cuisine combines the flavors of four continents. With the eclectic variety of traditional dishes, the Peruvian culinary arts are in constant evolution, and impossible to list in their entirety.
Being of Peruvian descent, cooking has always been much more than a familiar past time. My grandparents cooked for us with a passion for using our traditional seasoning. That is why since my childhood, I learned from them the traditional ways of cooking our Peruvian food.

My passion for cooking came early unlike most children my age. I spent my summers cooking with my Grandmother Tarcila Rodriguez learning the traditional form to cook with charcoal, firewood, clay oven and using only fresh herbs such as oregano, basil, cilantro, etc. My Grandma was born in 1919 in Arequipa — Peru, she belongs to the 19th century when Peru still did not have electricity or modernity to cook as we have now.

My grandmother used two large river stones to grind and liquefy the fresh herbs and with those herbs, she seasoned the delicious meals which I have also learned. That instrument of two large stones that she used was called “Batan”. The Batan is our millenary heritage used by the Incas, our first Peruvian natives, who left us the inheritance of corn, quinoa, purple corn, thousands of types of potatoes and other herbs for cooking and medicinal herbs that are used today by homeopaths and naturist doctors. Now with the modernization, we use the blender that substitutes the Batan.

That is why I opened the Peruvian catering/buffet business so that you have the pleasure of tasting the Peruvian food, which, like many foods from different countries, has its culinary secrets, and that also has a wide range of delicious dishes that I will gladly cook for you with much pleasure. As people who travel the world say, traveling is a great pleasure, but eating the food from each place where we travel is an even greater pleasure because we are entering the core of their culture and heritage of each country.

I have worked in great companies like Avon, Pepsi, Oriflame, Banks in Peru and Hospitalities Service Area here in the US, acquiring experience in customer service, sales, and marketing because my profession permitted me to focus in the client’s needed. It is so was thinking to create a medium where the people can make know the Peruvian seasoning, always thinking about the delicious Peruvian food, from which it comes my passion for cooking comes from since childhood and continues here in the U.S., So I work fervently with each catering or buffet order for a client, and cooks for them with passion, love and with the wisdom of a Peruvian native with knowledge of authentic Peruvian cuisine.