Piston release #r-20150305

Csáki István
Mar 6, 2015 · 2 min read

Our last release was in January in this year, but we don’t rest . Now we create a new release to pistoncalendar.com, and we would like to show at least we worked so far. Lets see:


  • An /upcoming page has been created, where the visitors can see a list including all upcoming events, http://pistoncalendar.com/upcoming
  • Single filter: An url filter has been created, where when the visitor types on ‘f1’ after the /upcoming url, he will see only the the filtered championship events, like this http://pistoncalendar.com/upcoming/f1
  • Multiple filter: the visitor can filter easily for her own upcoming page by writing into the url the short name of the championship, like this http://pistoncalendar.com/upcoming/f1,wtcc
  • Basic event counter to filter upcoming page headers, “There will be 33 more events this year.
  • The filter has been separated by upcoming page logic according to whether the filter is single or multiple
  • If the visitor coming from mobile device, we redirect her to /upcoming page
  • Set the meta data on upcoming pages
  • If the visitor changes the default settings on the calendar, and after he or she visit a filtered page like http://pistoncalendar.com/upcoming/f1, we put an icon over the settings icon, with which he or she can go back to set presets

Change request

  • Created a short name for championships, and put this short name after the event title
  • Rechecked all events in the calendar (240+), set city, country and circuit where we could.

New championships!!!

We hope you will like the new features, enjoy the events and if you have any feedback send us a message on Twitter.

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