25 and…travelling

I always had ideas about what I could do with my life, what I would be good at, what I would like, but I never had that one “calling”, that one thing that a lot of people chase. I have been kind of experimenting stuff and always moving on to something else. This probably explains the diversity in my education and work experience.

One of the most important lessons that I learned over the past few years was not to plan too far ahead (me, the ‘planning and organizing and preparing’ one and also me, whose parents were always putting pressure on to come up with long-term plans and goals for my life — the settled kind of life they had).

Well, how about trying to live in the NOW and forget a little bit about “how we see ourselves in 5 years”? Just pause for a bit and think about it. I have been living in the present more and more, because I just couldn’t envision myself on such long term. So by doing this, I have started tasting more of what life gave me and although I have ideas about how I want my life to look like and I keep some sort of direction, I didn’t really plan further ahead than a year. And this past year was the most incredible year of my life.

I spent 11 out of 12 months travelling and living abroad.

I recently turned 25 and I am travelling. I could start explaining how travelling can increase your chances of gaining valuable work experience or how it can help you make personal connections all over the world, but you’ve probably already heard or read a lot about that. So, instead, I will tell you that travelling taught me how to feel more, to love more, to think more, to experience more, to appreciate more, to breathe more, to open my mind more, to debate more, to take more opportunities, to judge less, to feel less entitled, to be less worried. I can’t think of anything else being more worthy for me.

I already know how half of my 25 will look like. I am very curious how it will feel like. I will figure out the looks of the other half in the meantime. What I do know for sure is that 26 will find me still…. travelling.

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