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Introducing PitBurn: Fireball

We are glad to announce our brand-new 1st PitBurn, win & burn system is now live!

Dear Pitbullers, as you all know, $PIT is safe by design. It is an ownership-renounced token with each buy and sell automatically contributing to a liquidity pool that is locked forever. It is impossible to modify Pitbull’s contract , and it is impossible to pull liquidity from it, which makes the project one of the securest all over BSC. The team behind Pitbull is a fully volunteer team since beginning. As it comes to burning, because of the safe contract concept, there is no manual burn. As a community-driven project with no dev/team wallets, the volunteer Pitbull Team opted to create a community wallet that members can donate in order to further build the project. Listings, shelter donations, advertisement expenses are met by this community funds.

In a very short time, Pitbull has reached 271K+ holders with usecases in ecosystem. These usecases are carried out again by volunteer team to bring utility for Pitbull. Giveaways, social media events with prizes are held frequently in favor of PIT and project. As its safe nature and community base, Pitbull has no dev wallet to burn but we volunteers can do their part for community!

To bring up new activity for community while winning PIT and burning a specific amount of supply to the dead address, we are introducing you PitBurn.

First burning event details:

The main idea behind PitBurn is straightforward: participants contribute a minimum amount of PIT by sending them to the event wallet address ( 0x7C390d1e7D0d416b39FC97Cdd06242B69f1124dA) during a set period of time.

— The event will consist of 3 rounds. You can send desired amount of tokens to join event anytime during this week. On 3 days of the week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), winners will be chosen at a specific time.

When the each period of rounds ends;

50% of the collected tokens will be sent to winner, chosen randomly through https://miniwebtool.com/random-name-picker/ fairly and transparently at the end of each round.

More contribution to the event means more chance to win.

50% of those $PIT tokens will be burned and sent to the DEAD/burning wallet: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead

This 50% , we call ``Fireball``, is sent to dead address and that amount of PIT will be removed from circulation forever by reducing the total supply. The more Fireballs are sent to dead address by time with various events, the faster total supply is burnt.

After completing these steps, another round starts. New collected tokens will be counted for the next round.

By participating, not only can you win free $PIT but also accelerate the burning of Pitbull Tokens. Try your luck and win big during this week!

Event duration and Round times

Event will take place between 09 August 00:00 UTC and 13 August 23:59 UTC.
You can join anytime by sending minimum amount and have chance to win Billions or Trillions of PIT. Your participation will be determined according to the time you enter the event by sending minimum set of tokens. There is no maximum limitation of joining the rounds or no upper token limit. You can join all 3 rounds with more tokens as much as you desire.

Monday 09th August — 00:00 UTC PitBurn starts
23:59 UTC — 1st round ends.
Winner is chosen and receive %50 reward. Another half burns forever. 2nd round starts.

Wednesday 11th August
23:59 UTC — 2nd round ends.
Winner is chosen and receive %50 reward. Another half burns forever. 3rd round starts.

Friday 13th August
23:59 UTC — 3rd round ends.
Winner is chosen and receive %50 reward. Another half burns forever.
End of 1st PitBurn Event.

  • Each winner of 50% collected tokens will be announced on our Telegram official group at the end of the round.
  • The other 50% will be sent to burning address at the end of the round transparently.

How to join event?

You need to send minimum amount of PIT to event address below to join the event. You can also follow the address anytime simultaneously.

  • PitBurn event wallet address on BSC (to join the event):



  • To be eligible for drawing, you need to have at least one entry. 1 entry equals to 10B $PIT. That guarantees you one entry ticket to the draw.
  • Every 10B PIT will guarantee you another entry ticket, meaning that your wallet will feature in the draw more than once.
  • Every 10,000,000,000 (10B) PIT = 1 Entry Ticket. There is no entry limit.

(As long as you send the minimum amount per ticket, don`t worry about transfer fee. Event wallet will receive less than 10B due to the tokenomics but your entry will be counted.)

How to choose winner wallet?

The winner will be selected using an open source platform https://miniwebtool.com/random-name-picker/ that will shuffle all eligible participants and select a winner. In this way, the process will be fully transparent and fair. Trough the platform, participants` wallet will be represented with a name (like a, b, c…. y, z) and number of entry tickets.

  • Via platform, we will give names to wallet that join the event as seen below and the random algorithm will do its job.
  • Each participant wallet will take place in the drawing list with their entry ticket number amount.
  • Each winner will be announced on our Telegram official group at the end of the round and will receive the half of the collected tokens.
  • The other 50% will be sent to burning address at the end of each round.
  • Screenshot, screen recorder and pdf outcome file from the random picker platform will be shared with the community at the end of every round.

*For example, in case 4Trillions of PIT is collected, 2Trillions will be sent directly to lucky winner. Another 2Trillions of $PIT will be burned by sending the dead burning address immediately, which will reduce the total supply. After the round ends and tokens is sent, next round starts. The more PIT is collected, The more you can have chance and The more supply can be burned.

More participants means more burning of $PIT.

***Token burning refers to the permanent removal of existing cryptocurrency supply from circulation. The practice of burning is common in the industry and is quite straightforward. There are several reasons to burn tokens this way, but generally the move is for deflationary purposes.

For further information and questions, you can join us via telegram and ask your inquiry.


Website (Check project, Usecases in Ecosystem and Read Whitepaper)



Stay with $PIT, stay Pitbullish



Pitbull community driven project, built and owned by the community

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