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INTRODUCING PitSafe by Pitbull: A DeFi Asset & Security Manager for leading Blockchains

  • PitSafe is a new use case for each project on Binance Smart Chain.
  • With PitSafe, users can see detailed information about any token based on the BSC and other blockchains by time. Users can monitor just by pasting the project contract address;
  • The more $PIT you hold, the more information you can see about the tokens you are looking for.
  • Investors can analyze the projects that they are planning to invest.

What is PitSafe?

How do I use PitSafe?

Why should I use PitSafe?

What information can I see in each tier of PitSafe Premium?

Will PitSafe be developed with new products?



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PIT has become a story to tell~~~~$PIT Token LitePaper Whitepaper/Website-Social Media Translation. Community Volunteer 007.