De-construction of space-and-time landmarks

The work of Olivier Ratsi operates between reality and representations of it. In a project series titled WYSI*not*WYG Ratsi uses photographic manipulations to deconst conventional represenations of reality to make us rethink the space all around us.

It all begun when I realized that our perception of objective reality was conditionned by what we have learnt and experienced since our early childhood.
Elementary characteristics of an object, a tree, a car, undergo a series of complex transformations, involving our senses, before we clearly and consciously identify them.
In the end, we had been diverted from our true ability at observing everyday things, so that today we don’t even bother looking at them.

Here are some of the fascinating results.

All images from WYSI*not*WYG project by Olivier Ratsi. You can see more of Olivier Ratsi’s work here

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