Facebook Adviser Reese Jones Joins Pitch Investors Live

To run into an investor and entrepreneur like Reese Jones is unlikely, unless you are attending a blockchain conference. “I’ve been speaking at blockchain conference for the past year,” said Jones who ran into Pitch Investors Live Co-founder Jonathan Foltz at The Global Blockchain Forum back in April 2018.

The Concept

As an active investor in mobile services, Artificial Intelligence and digital biology infrastructure, Jones was “intrigued” by the concept of Pitch Investors Live after Foltz pitched him, he said. Foltz recalls his initial conversation with Jones, on their mutually favorite subjects: Singularity University and Futurism. “Our conversation went from from futurism and biology into funding and Pitch Investors Live. Jones was very intrigued as he saw how we are disrupting the funding space by making a new connection for 2 parties, entertaining, informative, and educational,” said Foltz.

In addition to the concept, Jones became a fan of the flexibility and spontaneity of it — the engagement between the two parties. “I am a fan of shark tank,” said the investors who understand what it takes to be on the show — the time and commitment and post production to have the final product. With Pitch Investors Live, the time for the “show,” or live pitch is on the fly, and its fun. “ I enjoy the matchmaking of the investors and entrepreneurs,” added Jones.

Investor Appetite

What drivers investors are solid projects with qualified people driving the development and growth. “Angel investors are looking for early access to unique deals or companies that have solid credentials,” said Jones, who spent close to two decades fostering the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial ecosystem. “Investors have limited time and are traveling, and from their point of view if they know there its high quality pool, it’s worth checking out,” describes Jones, who also mentioned the characteristics for investments. “Investors work in groups, and when one finds it good, he or she pitches to the group…where investments might spread to many.” Jones concluded that investors like track records, and when they see good results they are like to explore additional ones. With Pitch Investors Live, the convenience of time and location enables investors to leapfrog the sales and investment cycles.

ICO Space

Jones has been an active participant of the blockchain industry as an investor, mentor and speaker. “I’ve been immersed at blockchain space for a while, and have been speaking at conferences this past year,” he said, taking notice of the enthusiasm for blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies. The general attitudes around its developments reflect upon the market, whether Bitcoin goes up or down for example. What lessons he brings are the regulatory compliance issues many companies find themselves facing. “ Many ICOs are not compliant — and they don’t do their homework,” said Jones, who has years of experience doing his due diligence for the IPOs he has facilitated. “I have done IPOs and I am familiar with regulatory compliance. Many have issues with regulatory compliance and fiduciary responsibilities. “

Road Ahead

Jones will work closely with founders to onboard more investors and help them secure funding to scale the business. With the much anticipated Android rollout, attracting a greater international community of investors and entrepreneurs, Folz looks forward to a bright future. Jones adds, “ I am an iPhone user . It [Android] is an important capacity to have. What matters are the services and connection capabilities.” We’re guessing he’s referencing the technical, WIFI and cellular as well as between the people on the platform.


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