Leading PITCH Investors Live Investor, Jason Stone, Shares His Greatest Tips

When PITCH Investors Live Community Manager Damien Coughlan reached out to Jason Stone on Facebook, the young engineer-turned-social media influencer had already seen a post about the app. “This was a blockchain company I had to learn about”, Stone said. Coughlan offered to advertise for Stone in exchange for him taking a pitch on the platform. “I got tokens”, he added, and the two began to cross-promote.

The interesting arrangement quickly led Stone to become a star investor who has since taken a third of all the pitches on the platform. Stone is known for having invested in several companies on the platform, including companies like FreeMarket Token pitched to him by Nathan Burns, The Extractor pitched by Jesse Morgan, and ChatMod.io pitched by Seth Louey. Although the investments have been small — up to $50,000 — for most entrepreneurs, it is a valuable self confidence booster and business affirmation.

On the pitching process, Stone said, “People always make it about money and how their idea is the next best thing. No investor wants to hear that.” He advised, practically, that an investor wants to know “the return on investment”, or how much money back is he or she making with the amount invested.

Stone viewed the platform as personable and real, thanks to its live streaming feature. “I like asking questions back and forth”, he commented, which he considered far more impressive than a pitch deck sitting in his inbox, adding “9 out of 10 [times], I won’t respond to the email and delete.”

PITCH Investors Live is often compared to TV shows like Shark Tank for connecting entrepreneurs and startups to investors. Unlike the show however, where entrepreneurs pitch their products and services to a panel of investors called “sharks”, PITCH Investors Live entrepreneurs connect one-on-one with a featured investor. “PITCH Investors Live competes with Shark Tank, but it’s different in that the platform is online,” said Stone, who was one of the first to mention that the sharks from the show were watching. “We caught their attention”, he concluded.

About Jason Stone

Jason Stone is an accomplished Senior Executive, Consultant, and Thought Leader with more than 15 years of success across the engineering, e-commerce, social media, internet, marketing, advertising, technology, automotive, blockchain, franchising, and health and wellness industries. By leveraging extensive experience in creating go-to-market strategies and viral marketing, he is a valuable advisor for any organization experiencing growth or launching new products. His broad areas of expertise include, business development, mechanical engineering, global strategy, email marketing, digital marketing, blockchain, organizational leadership, and growth hacking.

Stone is a serial entrepreneur with multiple 7-figure business ventures across various verticals of web and marketing. He is widely known by over 3 million people around the world as @Millionaire_Mentor on Instagram. Jason utilizes his experience and passion as a motivator, mentor, teacher, and social media influencer to help others cultivate success.

Stone was interviewed by Alice Hlidkova for this article.

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