Original Shark Kevin Harrington Endorses Pitch Investors Live at Blockchain Nation Conference in Miami

Kevin Harrington is no stranger to the blockchain. When Virgin Airlines Founder Richard Branson invited him to Necker Island to discuss the industry, Harrington was sold on blockchain technology. Coming from one of the leaders of innovation and seeing ahead, Harrington knew that this would be the new wave to change the future of society as a whole.

Kevin described this event and others from the stage at the Blockchain Nation Conference. “We had many instances where we lost money [due to product knockoffs and lost shipments]”, he said reflecting on his experience in supporting 100 companies that have fulfilled over $5 billion in sales. “The blockchain helps authenticate products.”

Beyond validating products in manufacturing, fulfillment, and distribution, Harrington expressed interest in using blockchain to hire talent and produce shows, and more importantly, take pitches from talented entrepreneurs.

“Gate keepers make it hard to get to the people to put the money up and make deals happen”, he says, delaying good ideas to enter the marketplace.

“PITCH Investors Live is all about opening up those gates and giving us smart contracts [documenting and authenticating both the companies and investors on the platform]”, he said. Harrington recently added Digitz, Shipchain, Smart Chain Media, and Sporty Co to his portfolio of blockchain companies that he is supporting or investing in.

The PITCH team considers Harrington’s support as a strategic win. “This will be huge for PITCH Investors Live, as Kevin is the perfect candidate for our innovative startup”, said Co-founder Jonathan Foltz, who got a moment to muster part of the team for a group photo.

Later, Foltz interviewed with Cryptotrader, a CNBC South African show. “This is our first coverage in Africa,” added Growth Advisor Lawrence Aponte, who stood nearby to watch the interview.

“The conference had many quality attendees and speakers”, Aponte said, excited to listen to the presentation by Frank Abagnale, the man whose life inspired Steven Spielberg to produce the film Catch Me If You Can. “Although Frank is not directly involved with the blockchain, he mentioned that the FBI is embracing the blockchain and that digital currency is inevitable”, concluded Aponte.

PITCH’s Director of Cinematography Tony “OD” Morera, captured the important moments, filming the team taking questions from other entrepreneurs at the booth. “How can pitch help me?”, asked one woman, to which Community Architect Damien Coughlan responded ,“It gives people access to people like you and we are here to help you with every objection you face in your business.” Coughlan is pleased to help the type of business owners who previously were too intimidated to pitch and may not have considered raising capital.

For me, PITCH gives the tool for business owners to not only access investors, but also the technology that they may not have previously considered. Companies like Bob’s Repair that did an ICO recently and were also present at the conference, serve painters, plumbers, and many blue collar job professionals. PITCH helps them gain a competitive advantage using the tech platform catered to their needs; for example, introducing them to investors in their industry.

This brings me to what Systems Analyst Alex Urban said about people’s needs and activity in this space: “Because of the trends in market (like the recent huge crash) there are less people who are new in the industry showing up at conferences and more experts that are starting to come out to network and are more enthusiastic as ever.”

Ran NeuNer, the moderator from South Africa who interviewed Foltz for CNBC mentioned the rising interest in tokenomics, something that is not only trending but also a reality. NeurNer is also a shark but typically does not get on projects, unless it “deals with startups and tokens,” reflected Foltz.

OD finalized the filming with a last shot of Foltz explaining more about PITCH in a recorded video before the team headed home to recap the events from the day.

“I was pleased with the outcome of the conference”, said Foltz, after meeting so many unexpected people, like a professor who wanted to launch an accelerator for the students and use PITCH Investors Live as a test pilot for pitching their projects.

Founder Matt Lally reflected on the exposure for PITCH, considering a few experts like Charles Evans whom he met at the conference to come on as adviser. He discussed with Foltz possibly having country ambassadors to help grow the PITCH brand.

“We got a lot of raw footage, especially with Kevin Harrington”, said Social and Reach Architect Ben Malol. “That’s great branding to show we are the real deal and not like many of these fly by night projects that have been popping up in the space.”

What’s next for PITCH are events in NYC before planning a trip to Hong Kong, China or Japan. “There is great emphasis on those countries due to the ease of regulations”, said Coughlan, identifying the type of opportunity that Harrington is familiar with: doing business in Asia.

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Authored by Alice Hlidkova